I’ve Been Nominated for Working Parent Blogger of the Year!

I have been nominated for working parent blogger of the year in the mumandworking awards!

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Yesterday I recieved an email notifying me that I have been nominated in this year’s mumandworking awards for working parent blogger of the year!

‘Since February our visitors and subscribers to mumandworking have been nominating in their hundreds and now it’s decision time!’

I have been nominated for working parent blogger of the year in the mumandworking awards!

You know where this is going right? There are 18 other fabulous bloggers in the category and if I have any chance of winning I need your votes.

I’m not going to lie being self employed and building a business from scratch is hard work especially when you have the added stress of being a Mum and running a house too. There are days when I think why am I doing this to myself. These feeling are heightened when you receive at least 5 emails a day from companies expecting you to work for free. Yes that actually happens!

Mumandworking Awards 2016

If I don’t work I don’t earn and that in itself I find particularly stressful. It’s all sounding a bit doom and gloom but there are some fantastic benefits of being a work from home mum. For example I get to pick my kids up everyday from school, no breakfast or after school clubs to pay for. I never have to miss out on any of their performances at school. If they are poorly I can stay at home with them without worrying about what my boss is thinking. It’s the flexibility that makes it all worth it.

‘The National mumandworking Awards 2016 will be hosted by NatWest on 11th October 2016  at RBS, London’

If I won a national award for flexible working practice it would be pretty amazing. The voting is now open and I think it goes without saying that I’d really appreciate your vote. You can vote on the Mumandworking website.

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