Lady Days Cloth Pads Review

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*Warning this post contains words like muff fluff, periods, fanjo, cloth pads and blood if you are uncomfortable with that then might I suggest you read something else*

If you follow this blog regularly then you will already know that I am currently making the switch from disposable sanitary pads to reusable ones. I started by trialing a few one month to see how I got on. You can read about how that went here. Since then I have been slowing building up my stash.


Today I’m going to tell you about the 3 pads that I bought from Lady Days Cloth Pads well I say from there but I actually bought them from the Boobalou website using a #DitchTheDisposables discount code but they are Lady Days pads. You can buy them from either site.


Glitter Unicorn

The first one I ordered was the 12″ Slim Heavy Glitter Unicorns which cost me £9.00.


The first thing I noticed about this one was the quality, which was fantastic!


They are backed with Polar fleece backing.



12″ Slim Heavy:
Top Layer – 100% Cotton
Inner Layer- Zorb and bamboo fleece.
Bottom Layer – Polar fleece backing
Waterproof Layer – Yes (does not extend into the wings)
Simple to look after just Rinse, Soak and Wash. Although ProCare can be dried on a low heat we advise line drying where possible.
The pad is approx 12″ in length and 2.25”- 2.5” wide at the gusset when snapped. They have plastic resin poppers so no chance of rusting while being soaked.

Birds of Norway

The second pad I ordered was the 10″ birds of Norway which cost me £8.00.


Again the quality was fantastic!


This one also has Polar fleece backing



10″ Lady Lithe:
Absorbency – Regular
Top Layer – made from 100% cotton
Core – Bamboo
Bottom Layer – Polar fleece backing.
Simple to look after just Rinse, Soak and Wash.
The pads are approx 10″ in length and between 2.25″ & 2.5″ wide at the gusset when snapped and close with plastic resin poppers.


The last pad I ordered was the Hedgehog 7″ panty liner





7″ Panty Liner:
Great for cup back up, spotting and daily use
Top Layer – made from 100% cotton.
Core – Cotton flannel
Bottom Layer – Polar fleece backing.
The panty liners are approx 7″ in length and between 2″ – 2.5″ wide when snapped and close with plastic resin poppers

What I Love About Lady Days

  • The patterns on them which I know has no relevance to how well they work but it appeals to my ‘need for pretty things’ side. I suffer every month with my period so I might as well have pretty pads to cheer me up a bit.
  • They are fantastic quality
  • They stay in place
  • They are very absorbent
  • They are relatively slim, as far as reusable pads go
  • You can wash them in the washing machine with your normal wash

I just like to point out that in terms of pricing the Lady Days pads are on the high end of the scale but in my opinion they are definitely worth the money and are my favourite daytime reusable pads so far.

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4 thoughts on “Lady Days Cloth Pads Review”

  1. My mummy has NEVER heard of these! Thanks for bringing them to her attention. They look awesome! Maybe a bit better for someone that has a lighter period though? the patterns are really cute! #TriedTested

    1. They are great and I don’t know why I didn’t start using them earlier. I have a heavy flow and they work fine for me, you just have to get the right size.

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