Landlords – Here’s How To Help Your Tenants Live Well & With A Eco-Future Mindset


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While many landlords only decide to fulfil their tertiary responsibilities in order to keep up with the contract they have made and nothing more, the landlords that retain tenants year after year are those who go over and above to make the home living experience of their clients worthwhile.

Of course, landlords often know how to run their business, so this post will not explore cost-cutting, business management or advertising to new tenants. It won’t discuss how to deal with a problem tenant, as there are likely tens of thousands of guides surrounding this on the internet already.

Instead, we’re going to talk about something a little more in line with our purpose. Namely, how to ensure your tenants are afforded the chance to live the kind of lifestyle we promote.

This is a lifestyle of clean living, of eco-awareness, and of simple home management. You can be sure that if you provide your tenants with the tools for something like this, you can streamline their living experience, fulfil your responsibilities twice over, and perhaps contribute to a better world with many times of multiplication compared to a normal person living their day to day life.


How to create an eco home for your tenants


Peppered in this article will also be general management advice to keep your tenants happy and secure because a tenant struggling with their basic needs is unlikely to pay much mind to long-term thinking and personal planning.


Without enabling your tenant to feel safe, they’re unlikely to care for their environment or to manage their living situation with long-term thinking.

They will, understandably, only care about being safe. It’s important to ensure gates are secure, CCTV is implemented if required, that you keep windows structurally sound and ensure that security notices are posted in the building from time to time.

It can also be important to utilize the services of an emergency locksmith 24-hour service such as Locksmith Nottingham, as this will grant to tenants access to the property even if they absent-mindedly lose their key.

Take care of your tenants, and your tenants are more likely to care for both you and your property.

Waste Management

Not enough inner-city landlords give their clients the means to recycle properly. Provide these bins to your tenants, and ensure they have the correct bins outside in order to separate and recycle their trash.

For a landlord that hardly indulges in this, this effort can be truly worthwhile, especially if you deal with multiple tenants in multiple flats.


reuse and reduce


This can also decrease the extent of waste pile-up, which can be a true problem that not only cheapens the living environment of the tenants but prevents new potential clients from wanting to live in your building.

Sustainable Energy

If your building enjoys plenty of sun exposure and a large rooftop environment, might it be worth installing solar panels?

This not only helps your energy bills decrease over the years, and should pay for itself within a matter of time, but if you arrange ‘bills included’ leases with your tenants, you may just save a pretty penny.


solar panels sustainable living


Of course, solar is a sustainable and clean source of energy, so depending on the amount of property you have, you may be contributing quite significantly to the renewable and positive energy shifting of your community.

There are also solar hot water systems you might be interested in installing, as well as biomass boilers, which while expensive have been known to truly make a positive dent in household emissions.


Let’s say you have a building with a large outdoor shared garden space, perhaps offered to six different flats in your building.

You consider it part of the package and include the value of this in the rent you ask for, but really it’s just an open green space with nothing in it. Might there be an opportunity here?


Allotment grow your own food


Splitting the environment into boundaries and purchasing good soil, or constructing a couple of sheds could help you turn this area into an allotment.

Not only might you charge a relatively cheap upkeep cost for those who wish to engage, but you can be sure your tenants will care for the exterior environment much more when they use it themselves.

Not only that, but you can help your tenants bond, become somewhat self-sufficient in a humble manner, and generally attract a more caring form of tenant for future lease agreements.

With these tips, you are likely to be one of the best landlords in your area.

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