Organic Parenting: What is it and how to do it?

Organic Parenting: What is it and how to do it?

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Humans have this bizarre need to label everything; I’m not one for labels in any sense of the word whether it be clothing, social standing or my personal beliefs, however if I had to put a ‘label’ on our personal parenting style I would call it ‘Organic Parenting’.

Organic Parenting: What is it and how to do it?

What is Organic Parenting?

Organic: characterized by gradual or natural development

Parenting: be or act as a mother or father to (someone)

Organic Parenting has nothing to do with food and is not, as far as I’m aware, an actual thing it is simply a term that I feel best describes how we parent our children. We work on a basis that we adapt and change our parenting style to the different times, milestones and experiences that our children are having at that particular time.

I find this works really well as sometimes they need slightly more discipline than normal and at other times they need more reassurance. For example if they are having a particularly hard time at school, whether it be struggling with school work or a run in with the school bully, we adapt our parenting style. This includes a lot more support, cuddles and general reassurance that things will get better.

If on the other hand they are going through a particulary challenging phase, we might include stricter punishments so they may understand there are consequences for their actions. In a nutshell it is all about adapting which is something us grown ups may not be great at.

Adults and children change constantly throughout their lives so we personally don’t feel that one particular style will suit them throughout all of their childhood years.

Our son on our boat, having a rest in one of the bunks

How To Be An Organic Parent?

‘Parenting is the easiest thing in the word to have an opinion about , but the hardest thing in the world to do’ – Matt Walsh 

There is no magic formula, no hard and fast rules and no one size fits all with being an organic parent, that is what’s so great about it! You do not have to start buying only organic produce, you don’t have to sell your house and live in a yurt and you don’t have to start wearing edible flip flops.

It’s quite simply learning to listen and understand your child better and changing the support you give them to match with their current situation. If that entails a bit of co-sleeping then go with that, if it means changing their diet slightly to give them more energy then do that. It’s about learning to go with the flow and trusting your natural instincts. Of all of the ‘parenting styles’ out there I’d say this one is definitely the most flexible.

Organic Parenting is quite simply a process of gradual and natural development alongside your children.

Mix it up

Another point worth mentioning is that obviously every child is different, what works for one child almost certainly won’t work for another so why do we think that one parenting style suits all? Organic parenting gives you the flexibility to adapt to each individual child’s needs which, hopefully, in the long run will help them to flourish and excel in their chosen path. Are you convinced yet?

Our daughter on the pontoon waiting to go on our boat

What are your thoughts on Organic Parenting? How would you describe your personal parenting style?


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