Organic Skincare – Delight Touch Review

Delight Touch

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As well as my ‘trying to live a simpler life mission’ I have also been looking into switching all of the beauty products we use for natural and organic products. I hate the amount of chemicals that our skin is exposed to on a daily basis, from shampoos to washing powders. In the ideal world I’d like to get rid of everything bad in our house but that is going to take time to make the switch. I’m making a start with our beauty and bathroom products.

This is where Delight Touch comes in…

Delight Touch

Delight Touch

Delight Touch makes PH balanced Organic Cosmetics – moisturisers, cleansers, body scrubs, self-tan and also nail lacquers. All of their products are free from Parabens, Sulphates, Pegs, Tea, Dea, Propylene Glycol, Phthalates, Petrochemicals, Synthetic Fragrance and Mineral Oil. These toxins can contribute to the breakdown of your bodies natural defences that keep you healthy.

I don’t know about you but this kind of freaks me out. Why do we do things to our bodies that over time cause us harm? It seems like madness when you stop and think about. I’m on a mission to eradicate as many of these harmful toxins as I can, starting with our beauty products.

Organic Skincare

Delight Touch

Organic rosehip & nigella seed moisturiser with sea buckthorn extract

The first product that I tried from the Delight Touch range is their Organic rosehip & nigella seed moisturiser with sea buckthorn extract. It smells lovely and instantly hydrates your face when applied without the whole feeling of your pores being clogged with muck.

Delight Touch

Here’s a list of just some of the health benefits of using this product…

Organic rosehip is known as one of the best anti-wrinkle oils around


Nigella oil (also know as blackseed oil) contains vitamins A, B, C and Calcium. Apparently Cleopatra attributed her beauty to the use of blackseed oil.

Nigella Seed

Sea buckthorn helps to promote healthy skin and is renowned for it’s healing and rejuvenating effects on the skin

Sea Buckthorn

Organic Cucumber Cleanser

The next product that I tested was their organic cucumber cleanser. I’ve never used a cleanser before so I didn’t really know what to expect with this one. It’s used to remove dirt and impurities from the skin. When applied your skin feels very fresh and clean.

Delight Touch

Here’s a few health benefits of some of the ingredients…

Cucumber helps soothe and calm inflamed skin.


 Calendula extract is known for it’s healing properties. It’s an anti inflammatory anti-bacterial.

Calendula Extract

Aloe Vera  has over 75 different nutrients in it’s raw form including vitamins, minerals and enzymes. I personally keep an aloe vera plant in our kitchen as it is great for treating burns.

Aloe Vera

Organic Mandarin & Vanilla Self tan

The last product that I tried was their organic mandarin and vanilla self tan. It can be used as a one off or for a gradual tan and has a lovely, almost edible, scent to it.

Delight Touch

It contains dha derived from sugar and glycerin & erythrulose which is derived from the sugars of raspberries. I’m guessing this is what makes it smell edible. The two mixtures together are suppose to give you the perfect sunkissed look.

It also contains rosehip, hemp & carrot oils; Pomegranate extract & aloe vera and mandarin vanilla & rosewood.

It works really well and feels very light on the skin, some fake tans in the past for me have just felt a bit heavy and sticky whereas this one doesn’t and it also makes you smell lovely. You get the added bonus of knowing that it isn’t poisoning your skin or body in any way too.

In Summary

I’m really happy with the products I got and if you are looking into switching to organic skincare products it’s definitely worth taking a look on the Delight Touch website.

Organic Skincare Delight Touch Review

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