Packing, packing and more packing!

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I have been lost in a bit of a packing frenzy the last couple of days.  I really freaked out the other morning when I looked at my calendar and realised that we only have 2 and a bit weeks till we move and up until that point I hadn’t packed a single box. So that is all I have been doing since then.
I have moved house more times than my age and it still never gets any easier, you think I’d be a dab hand at it by now.
Of course it doesn’t help that while you are trying to get organised and leave the house in a fit state for the landlady to make sure you get your deposit back, your son suddenly takes a dislike to the curtains and curtain pole in the dining room and rips them both off the wall!! But not just content with one room he then does exactly the same in his sister’s room. Arrgh cross was not the word!

We have been in this house for 6 months and they haven’t damaged a single thing, so why 2 weeks before we move does he do that?

On Saturday I did laugh at the other half though, he decided to have an afternoon nap on the sofa, never a wise idea with two little ones around, you could end up with all sorts of things shoved up your nose. Anyway why he was snoozing I was packing and I got really into it and managed to pack every ornament, picture and decorative item that we have in the house. So when he woke up the entire house was bare. Think he found it quite surreal, he went to sleep with everything normal and woke up to an empty house.

Well better get back to it. Wish me luck!


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2 thoughts on “Packing, packing and more packing!”

  1. Hiya, found your blog on BritMums! This post made me laugh, I’ve literally been through the xact same thing the past few weeks!
    Packing is definitely the biggest pain in the ass. I managed to do the same as you though, massive panic and then have everything packed within 2 weeks. Still not sure how I did it.
    Great post 🙂 x

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