Potty Training – Day One

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I have now decided that H is never going to be fully ready for potty training so instead I’m throwing him in at the deep end!
Today was day one and that meant no more nappies, (well except at bedtime). To prepare for this I have stockpiled pants in anticipation of lots of accidents, bought stain removal spray for the carpets and mentally prepared myself for a couple of weeks of hell.

How it went?

14 trips to the loo, 6 pairs of wet pants and one pair of pants beyond saving later and we had our first day of potty training!
I have to say though that today went a lot better than I expected, well except for the little accident in the supermarket, (if you are going to Asda watch out for the wet patch in the Gardening aisle, opps).

What he does is start to wee and then realises what he is doing and then tells me that he needs a wee, so if we can just get him to tell us before he lets anything go we might just get somewhere. There’s hope yet and at least the sun is out; the sun makes everything more bearable.

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2 thoughts on “Potty Training – Day One”

  1. hey yey! go H!!! and go mummy. well done, it only gets better from here.

    i found bribing with sweets for a no.1 on the loo, and a 70p car from tesco when A did a no.2 on loo helped things along nicely :o)

    and here’s to leaving them in nappies at night time FOREVER as i dont want to go thru that at night too!! ;o)

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