Reuse & Reduce Products for your Home: Huge Sustainable Products Giveaway

sustainable lifestyle products giveaway

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This is a collaborative post with Steamer Trading Cookshop

Switching to a more sustainable lifestyle is often a long process and although in the long run, you save a lot of money, it can sometimes be quite expensive initially. That’s why I highly recommend making little switches here and there as and when you can. 


Steamer Trading Cookshop

steamer trading cookshop To help you on your way to a more sustainable lifestyle I have teamed up with Steamer Trading Cookshop who have recently launched their Reuse and Reduce section online which features innovative products to help customers reduce their single-use plastic waste and live a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

I don’t know about you but I’m loving the fact that companies are now getting on board with sustainable living. There are so many great reusable products out there now and it’s great to see change finally happening.


Sustainable Products Giveaway for your Home 

Today you have the chance to win a huge hamper full of sustainable products for your home which have kindly been donated by Steamer Trading Cookshop.

sustainable lifestyle products giveaway


What’s in The Hamper?

The lucky winner will get a total of 21 sustainable living products for their home worth over £87!

  • Kung Rikon Stay Clean Scrubber from @KuhnRikonUK (cost £6.00)
  • Reusable Spork from @light_my_fire_sweden (cost £3.00)
  • Built Insulated Bottle from @built_uk (cost £14.00)
  • 3 x Bees Wrap Beeswax Food Wraps from @Eddingtons (cost £20)
  • 3 x Reusable Veggie Bags from @asliceofgreen (cost £5.00)
  • 8 x Joie Stainless Steel Straws from @joieshop_com (cost from £8.00)
  • Stojo Coffee Cup from @stojoco (cost from £10.00)
  • 2 x Stasher Food Bags from @stasherbag (cost from £10.00 each)
  • Peppersmith mints from @PeppersmithUK (cost from £1.38)

Kung Rikon Stay Clean Scrubber

The perfect sustainable switch for your old disposable green sponges and scourers. These reusable scrubbers are made from silicone BPA free bristles.

To clean it you simply wash it in the sink or pop it into the dishwasher and reuse it again and again. Say goodbye to disposable sponges forever!

reusable dish scrubber

Reusable Spork

A spork is a spoon, knife and fork all in one. Perfect for pack lunches and takeaway food on the go. Just remember to take it with you when you go out and you’ll no longer need to use disposable plastic cutlery.

Personally, I keep mine in my handbag so I’ve always got it to hand if I need it.

The spork is 100% BPA free.

reusable spork

Built Insulated Bottle

One of the easiest sustainable lifestyle switches you can make is to a reusable water bottle which you can refill on the go.

These reusable stainless steel bottles from Built are perfect for anyone wanting to live a more sustainable life. The bottles are insulated so work perfectly for hot and cold drinks. I have one myself and I love it!

stainless steel reusable water bottle by Built

3 x Bees Wrap beeswax Food Wraps

Reusable food wraps made with organic cotton. The perfect sustainable food storage alternative to cling film. Includes a large, medium and small wrap.

Personally, we use beeswax wraps all the time now and I no longer need to buy cling film and haven’t done for several months now. When they come to the end of their life you can compost them.

Bees wrap reusable food wraps

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Reusable Veggie Bags

These reusable produce bags by A Slice Of Green are made from organic cotton. They make a perfect sustainable alternative to the plastic veg bags you find in the supermarkets.

I use mine every week to do our weekly food shop.

The lucky winner will get a small, medium and a large bag.

reusable produce bag

Joie Stainless Steel Straws

Ditch plastic straws and switch to reusable stainless steel straws.  They come with a handy cleaner for when you wash them in the sink or they can go in the dishwasher.

The lucky winner will get 8 straws for their home.

stainless steel straws

Stojo Coffee Cup

A lovely collapsable and reusable coffee mug. It’s a silicone mug made from recycled material and perfect for putting in your bag to take out with you.

Not only can this mug help to reduce your personal waste it could also save you money too as a lot of cafes now offer discounts if you bring in your own cups.

It also has a heat-proof plastic sleeve to protect your hands from hot drinks.

reusable coffee cup

Stasher Food Bags

I am a huge Stasher bag fan! We use them all the time at home in our kitchen and also for the kiddies pack lunches.

To find out more about Stasher read my full review here: The Best Reusable Food Storage Bags- Stasher Bags Review

stasher bags

Peppersmith Mints

Peppersmith mints are sugar-free mints with sweetener and peppermint oil. The mints are sweetened with 100% xylitol, which kills bacteria and helps prevent damaging acid attacks.

They can help to keep your teeth healthy and are approved by the Oral Health Foundation.

peppersmith sugar free mints

Seen something that takes you’re fancy? More information about all of the products above can be found on the Steamer Trading Cookshop website.

Discount Code Exclusively for Gypsy Soul Readers 

As well as this great giveaway Steamer Trading Cookshop has also offered Gypsy Soul readers 10% off the Reuse and Reduce category along with free delivery.

Simply enter the code: GYPSY10 at the checkout.

sustainable products giveaway

How To Enter the Giveaway 

To enter this sustainable products giveaway please use the Rafflecopter box below. UK entrants only! Please read my terms & conditions BEFORE ENTERING. (Scroll down to the giveaway terms & conditions).

This giveaway ends on Wednesday 21st November 2018. Good luck!

enter giveaway now

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steamer trading cookshop This is a collaborative post with Steamer Trading Cookshop. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.  

I only ever recommend products that we either use or love ourselves and I think could help you to live a more sustainable lifestyle. 

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186 thoughts on “Reuse & Reduce Products for your Home: Huge Sustainable Products Giveaway”

  1. What a fantastic giveaway! My drinks bottle is on its last legs so a new one would be perfect, having said that all the goodies are really useful – I’ve been meaning to make some wax wraps but with kids it can be hard to find the time to make all the changes you want to make straight away. Thank you for the chance to win. Ps what a helpful and interesting blog you have, it has really helped me to think about the way we live xxx

  2. Great idea for the veggie bags, I much prefer buying fruit and veg unwrapped, far too much plastic used by supermarkets. My hubby would love the insulated bottle and cup, he travels alot and hates having to get convenience drinks in plastic cups or bottles, these would be great. Love your site x

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  4. The Stay Clean Scrubber looks fantastic, I didn’t realise that you could buy reusable ones and hadn’t even considered that the others weren’t environmentally friendly!

  5. I think the collapsible cup would be great to keep in my bag and use when I am out and about instead of cardboard or plastic ones!

  6. The reusable water bottle would be amazing, as I am always buying water everyday for work and home but if I had a reusable water bottle it would save me so much money xx

  7. I have heard a lot about the Bee’s Wraps beeswax food wraps and would love to try them, so useful to avoid using clingfilm and plastic sandwich bags.

  8. Stojo coffee cup – I ADORE my coffee as much as the environment – may help my friends change and become more ECO friendly

  9. Bringing packed lunch with me to seminars every day, feel so bad about all the plastic bags I’ve wasted! The reusable bags would be extremely useful!

  10. The collapsible cup would be great, When I take a cup with me I always have a problem of where to put it when it’s empty,this would mean I am more willing to take my own cup

  11. Thank you for such a fabulous giveaway. The Resuable Stasher Bags would be great as we take a packed lunch every day and end up having to throw the bags away. Such a waste! These would definitely be a boon for us to use.

  12. Wow I’m so glad I stumbled upon this blog. We’ve been gearing towards zero waste and minimalism for a while now! The products that would changfe my life here are the Stay Clean Scrubber, bee wraps and veggie bags. We love our reusable goodies in this house and have many. Thank you for sharing these products.

  13. The Kung Rikon Stay Clean Scrubber would be very useful to me and is a much better alternative to disposable synthetic sponges which I really don’t like using. They can only be used for a relatively short time then need replaced with a new one so I worry about where they all end up once discarded. I’d feel much happier using this reuseable sponge instead

  14. Stasher food bags will be perfect for meal prep and also store leftovers! Not too mention will be handy also for my pugs Reddington’s pre cooked meals!

  15. The stasher bags sound great, we have a tiny kitchen which means a tiny freezer so we struggle to use reusable tubs etc for storing leftovers et in the freezer as they take up too much space, these sound like a perfect solution.

  16. We purchased some of the beeswax wraps, some reusable vegetable bags and some reusable bamboo paper towels during the last zero waste campaign to try to cut down (and then out) our use of single use plastics and kitchen papers. So far so good but having more of the beeswax wraps would be of great help as they are so useful. I am also very interested in the stasher bags as you can’t freeze the beeswax….

  17. Definitely need the Beeswax Food Wraps! I’ve been looking into getting some but have been considering my options. I’m using up the rest of my tin foil then shall be using these for packed lunches or picnics when out and about – will have to give them a try so hopefully I win!

  18. This giveaway looks amazing! Those beeswax wraps would be wonderful as my partner uses tinfoil for everything!!! Great post as always xx

  19. The collapsible Stojo coffee cup is genius as it would tuck nicely in to my handbag and be so much easier to remember as it could stay in my bag.

  20. The reusable veggie bags are just what I’m looking for. We normally have a veg box from a local farm (in the main wrapping free – hooray!), but these would be perfect for a supermarket shop.

  21. The straws would be brilliant. I am trying to change from plastic to paper ones but the paper ones just squash and are useless after my granddaughter has had them for 2 minutes. These would solve the problem.

  22. I really could do with the reusable veggie bags. I like to buy my veg as fresh as possible so shop several times a week – these could avoid a lot of plastic bags!

  23. definitely the stainless steel straws! I will admit I do use straws from time to time, but if I had these I wouldn’t have any need for single use ones anymore 🙂

  24. I think all the products would cone in useful, but the stay clean scrubber really stands out as I get through a lot of disposable ones and hadn’t even thought about the environmental impact.

  25. The stashed food bags sound a great idea. I often use the slow cooker for cheap cuts of meat and veg and love the thought of putting leftovers in there, store in the freezer then straight to the microwave without creating more things to wash up definitely gets my thumbs up.

  26. This looks fantastic! I’d really love the beeswax wrap as I have been re-using a plastic bag for a long time now and it’s almost falling apart.

  27. The Stasher bags would be particularly useful as I currently use hard plastic containers instead of single use plastic bags and they are bulky.

  28. I would love the BUILT INSULATED BOTTLE as I always carry a bootle of water with me to keep hydrated. Not only would a save a fortune on buying bottled water but it would help the environment by not keep using plastic bottles

  29. Well to be honest I love all these items but the scrubber and the wax wraps would be top of my list as I have always wanted to try them!


  30. I think the Beeswax wraps would help me to cut down on plastic use as we use Ziploc bags for sandwiches for packed lunches every day at school. Using the wrap would be so much better, plus would look far nicer!

  31. The beeswax wraps. We often have leftovers, and always take packed lunches so we get through a lot of cling film (which I hate doing and really want to eradicate from the house!) so these would be a perfect alternative.

  32. The reusable veggie bags would be of great use as I’d take them to the supermarket with me every time I shop. They are a good idea 🙂

  33. Love all these products ❤️. But particular favourite is the bees wrap. Hate the idea of using cling film and great when I run out of tubs with lids – or can’t find the matching lid!

  34. The reusable produce bags – I love buying lose fruit and veg but don’t like it rolling around a dirty trolley or basket – these would be perfect for when I go shopping.

  35. I love the stay clean scrubber, I go through quite a few cloths and sponges so would be great to have something like this that you could use again and again!

  36. Beeswax food wraps. I’ll admit that we still use a shameful amount of clingfilm and I haven’t got round to switching to an alternative, so I’d love to try that.

  37. The collapsible mug and boxes sound great as I’ve always got so many bulky items to carry! I’d also like to give the beeswax wraps and produce bags a try. And who wouldn’t want a reusable bottle.

  38. The straws! We have completely stopped buying plastic ones and my little girl loves a straw. We did move over to paper ones, but I still don’t think they are as enviromentally friendly as I’d like.

  39. I am torn between the scrubber and the beeswax wraps, cling film and normal sponges i seem to go through a lot. We already have some stainless steel straws and we love them, your drinlk stays cold.

  40. The stainless steel straws would be amazing as I much prefer a drink with a straw, but won’t use plastic for obvious reasons, and the paper straws get so soggy and fall apart!

    1. Hi Helen,

      It’s great to have you here. Thanks for stopping by!

      Here’s the link to my homemade toothpaste recipe:

      Here’s the link to my two homemade cleaners:

      There are also a few homemade & natural beauty recipes on this post:

      I’ve also got this post: Making homemade beauty products using essential oils –

      Hopefully, you will find something useful in amongst those posts 🙂

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