Reuse & Zero Waste Week

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Zero Waste Week

In case you don’t already know this week is Zero Waste Week. This is my 2nd year of joining in and it always gets me thinking about how we can reduce, reuse and also save money. My pledge for this year is to switch from disposable sanitary products to reusable ones. My experiences of this will follow shortly as obviously it’s pretty time sensitive. In the meantime I have been thinking of other products that we could reuse in our household instead of throwing away.

zero waste week


Here are a few things¬†that I want to look into…

  • Switching from disposable face wipes to a reusable alternative
  • Finding an alternative to cling film
  • Buying products loose and storing in reusable containers
  • Switching from disposable sanitary pads to reusable alternatives

reusable jars

Any item we buy costs money, if we can buy one product that will¬†continue to do the same job for a number of years and all it takes on my part is to wash it ready for use again then I’m going to give it a go.

I Had An Epiphany

A little while ago I had an epiphany and for me this whole process forms part of a much bigger goal and that is to reduce our outgoings to the point where if we needed to we could live on a much lower income but still have a half decent life. The way I’m looking at it is what are we currently spending our money on and how can we switch to using something else that will save us more money. This is where reusable items fit in.

Everyday I see the pressure that is placed on the other half to go out and earn what he does to keep us in the lifestyle that we have become accustomed. He lives to provide which is all well and good but if he kills himself in the process then what was the point!

We dream of a simpler life, like I’m sure many people out there do and if I can do anything to help us get there then I’m at least doing my bit. Less stuff means less to lose which ultimately means less pressure.

Be prepared for quite a few posts on getting rid of stuff and how we can simplify our lives.

I’ll leave you with one of my all time favorite quotes…

the things you own end up owning you

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2 thoughts on “Reuse & Zero Waste Week”

  1. This is such an exciting post, Gina – and you’re right, we often end up having to earn money to buy the things we don’t have time to repair or make ourselves. Can’t wait to see what you end up doing and hearing all the tips you share x

  2. Have you looked at replacements for clingfilm on Boobalou? I know there’s the brand called Abeego, and a new one that is more pliable.

    Good luck on your reusable menstrual product journey! I switched years ago and haven’t looked back.

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