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Where Dreams Begin - Get your children's dream turned into a wonderful piece of art fo rtheir bedroom with Room to Grow

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We have recently taken part in a lovely project called ‘Where Dreams Begin’ run by a company called Room To Grow.

The Brief

‘We want you to tell us about the dreams your children have, from exploring outer space battling aliens in distant galaxies to being rescued by prince charming from the evil lord in a tower of chocolate and everything in between! We will then work with a children’s book illustrator to bring the vision to life.’

At Room to Grow they believe a child’s imagination is a wonderful thing that should be nurtured, this belief runs deep in all of their products, especially their themed bedding and beds, allowing children to fantasize, imagine and dream! For the project the company teamed up with Hannah McCaffery, a children’s illustrator, she was the lady responsible for turning the kiddies dreams into a piece of art.

Hannah McCaffery Illustrations

The Dreams

Both Henry & Lowenna’s dreams were pretty weird! Trust mine to be different. There wasn’t a space alien or Prince Charming in sight, no we got rats and scary old men! I think they successfully freaked out the team at Room To Grow. Here’s a quote from their blog…


Henry’s Dream – He was in a dusty old house somewhere secret. He was a rat. There were lots of other rats there with him. They all started cooking together in a kitchen.

Lowenna’s Dream – She was at home playing with her toys when a man came into her room. He was tall and scary with grey hair and black eyes. He took her to a place where there was a puppet show. The puppets were human not animals.

The Illustration

Hannah very cleverly combined both of the dreams into one piece of art and personally I think the result is fantastic; not at all scary like their original dreams. I love the bright colours on it and the quality is great. Lowenna particularly liked the fact that she was in the picture.

Where Dreams Begin - Get your children's dream turned into a wonderful piece of art fo rtheir bedroom with Room to Grow

Where dreams begin

Where Dreams Begin - Hannah McCaffery Illustration

Now we just have the problem of which bedroom to put the finished piece in. I’m thinking that it would be better suited to Lowenna’s room as Henry’s has a strong sailing theme. I’d like to get a colourful frame for it and add it to her gallery wall, it’s a work in process.

Colourful Girls Bedroom - Gallery Wall

Win your Own Illustration

If you’d like a chance to win your own dreams illustration you can enter Room to Grow’s giveaway using the box below. Please note this giveaway is run by Room to Grow not myself I’m simply sharing it on my blog. If you have any questions please contact Room to Grow.

Get Your Child’s Dream Illustrated


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