Simple Tips for Taking Care of your Skin During the Summer Sun

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Scorching sun can have a negative impact on your skin every summer. Pollution, humidity and heat can ruin the skin if you don’t take care of it. It fades the natural glow and sometimes can even lead towards infection. This is why it is imperative to keep the skin in optimal order.

There are lots of creams that can be used to keep the skin bright all the time. See here to get an idea about different skin products and below are 6 top tips that can be followed to take care of your skin during the summer sun:

Summer skin

Exfoliate the Skin 

This is the basic and fundamental rule of taking care of your skin. Exfoliate the skin on a regular basis. The body gets rid of skin cells at a dramatic rate. In fact, the cells are being shed every minute.

Not getting rid of them makes the skin look dry and dull. Irrespective of lotion and creams being used, skin never glows if it doesn’t exfoliate. Using an exfoliator is essentially important.

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Use a Sunscreen

Sunscreens are very important to use. However, they aren’t meant to stay forever. Sunscreen must be bought that comes with UVA and UVB products. They also need to be applied in the right quantity.

For instance, a teaspoon would suffice if applied only on the face. It must be reapplied every few hours in order to ensure a good protection. Make sure the right product is used for your skin type.

Use a sunscreen

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Use Minimal Makeup 

During the Summer, it’s better to apply less makeup. Natural looks are the best during the scorching heat.

Apply powder with SPF in order to prevent patchy skin if you want to use foundation. In order to keep lips fresher, use lip balm or gloss with SPF of 15.

Body Hydration with a Lotion 

Body hydration is immensely important during hot summers. Find a lotion that can hydrate the body. Look for something that is light in nature and can absorb at a fast rate. Purees and gels can are a good choice.

A light refreshing lotion is an ideal option during the summers to keep the skin hydrated. Make sure it is applied after the skin has been dried off after the shower. It is one of the most effective tips to follow.

Look after your skin

Don’t Forget your Feet

Most people tend to overlook the feet when it comes to keeping the skin in order. Either go and get a pedicure from a professional or do it yourself at home. Scrub the dry and dead skin.

It’s an easy task that doesn’t require much time. Foot scrubs can be used several times a week. It makes the feet soft and visually appealing so you can wear sandals during the summer.

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Look for a Polish 

The final tip is to look for a polish. Buy a good polish for the toes. Pick out something that would suit you in the summer. Also make sure that the polish doesn’t dent on the toes.

These are just some tips to do this Summer but not an exhaustive list. There are many other tips that can be used. Just be sure that you remain consistent with the above tips in order to maintain good skin for many years to come.

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