Spa Day at China Fleet Country Club in Saltash, Cornwall

Spa day at China Fleet Country Club in Saltash, Cornwall

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Last week my friend and I were invited for a spa day at China Fleet Country Club in Saltash. We spend most of our lives in Saltash in the Summer as it’s where we keep the boat but I’d never been to the Country Club before so I was intrigued to see what they had to offer. 

Spa Day at China Fleet Country Club

Mini Spa Day

We had the mini Spa day which is currently £66 per person. It includes the following…

  • Tea or Coffee on arrival
  • One treatment
  • Use of the pool and Aqua Spa
  • 2 course lunch with a soft drink
  • A robe, towel and slippers are provided

As well as the mini spa days they also offer Indulgence Spa Days (£77 pp) where you can have longer treatments and Spiezia Spa Days (£87 pp) which have a bigger selection of treatments including pregnancy pampering.

The Barn Spa Treatments

For the mini spa day there is a choice of 4 treatments…

  • Dermalogica Skin Targeting Facial (30 mins) – A complete treatment combines cleansing, exfoliation, masque and moisturiser, designed to target all skin concerns and improve skin tone.
  • Back Neck and Shoulder Massage (25 mins) – A relaxing massage which helps to ease stress, boost circulation and soothe sore joints and muscles.
  • Indian Head Massage (25 mins)– A holistic therapy incorporating a relaxing massage of the head, face, neck and shoulders.
  • Fast Fix Manicure or Pedicure (30 mins) – For those with little time, nails are shaped, cuticles tidied and finished off with the application of the lacquer of your choice.

Mini spa treatments at China Fleet Country Club in Saltash

I opted for the Back, Neck and Shoulder massage. It was very nice and the therapist worked on my trapped nerve which had been bugging me for weeks. The room was lovely and warm and I nearly feel asleep.

After our treatments we went into the main building where the Aqua Spa is located. You will be given a code to get in when you book.

The Aqua Spa

Use of the Aqua Spa is included within your spa package and is also included in all Leisure Membership. Non Members can visit the Aqua Spa for just £16 per person for a
2 hour session. The minimum age is 16 years and your visit must be booked in advance.

Spa Day at China Fleet Country Club

The spa area is one of the biggest I’ve been to. We could of easily spent at least 2 hours in there trying out the different sections. I thought I’d break down each element of the spa as each section was different and helped you body in different ways.


Laconium at china fleet country club spaThe Laconium replicates a Roman sauna with heated walls and seats. The aim of the Laconium is to gradually increase your body temperature which helps the body to purify and detox itself. Inside there’s relaxing music and fibre optic lights which change colour.

The Aqua Spa recommend being in the Laconium for 20 minutes and then follow it with a cool or if you’re brave enough cold shower.

Foot Spas

Foot spa at at china fleet country club Next to the Laconium is the fully automated foot spas. Simply put your feet into the foot spa and let it do it’s thing.

The foot spa will slowly fill with warm water and once full the bubbles will start. When it’s finished it will drain itself.

Ice Chute

The ice chute at china fleet country club spaIce chutes seem to be incredibly popular at spas at the moment. The idea is to go into somewhere hot first and then when you come out run your body down with the ice. It’s a very invigorating experience. I’m definitely a fan of ice chutes.

The ice stimulates your circulation and can even help with cellulite.

Finnish Sauna 

Finnish Sauna at china fleet country club spaThe Finnish sauna can help raise your body defences against infection and helps strengthen your immune system. The sauna does this by enhancing your blood circulation and relaxing your muscles & ligaments.

It has also been noted to have a positive effect on varicose vein sufferers if followed with a cold shower.

Salt Steam Room

Salt Steam Room at china fleet country club spaThe salt steam room was by far my favourite area of the spa. I love steam rooms although I had never been in a salt one before this.

Apparently the salt helps to cleanse the skin and gives the same effect as if you were walking on tropical beach.

Aroma Steam Room

Aroma Steam Room at china fleet country club spaThe aroma steam room is more traditional in the sense of there is a gentle flow of steam with exotic essence in the air.

The high humidity and radiant heat invigorates the skin and also helps your respiratory system.

Spa Pool 

Spa Pool at china fleet country club spa

The spa pool or jacuzzi is great for relaxing your muscles. It was very hot too which was lovely!

You start it by pressing a button on the side of the pool. It has multiple floors so you can choose how far in the water you wish to go.

Tepidarium Loungers 

Tepidarium loungers at china fleet country club spaThe tepidarium loungers are located behind a wall made of bubbles and lights which I thought was very cool.

The loungers are heated which makes them the perfect place to lie back and rest for a while.

Experience Showers

Experience showers at china fleet country club spaThe spa has experience showers which have different settings including Caribbean storm shower, Arctic cool or refreshing mist.

They are also infused with aromatherapy oils which gives off a lovely aroma whilst you are in there.

Seating Area

In the middle of the spa they have a seating area with a table, chairs and two loungers so if you wanted to take in a book or newspaper you could sit there. They also have an area to store your robes, towels and slippers.

Lunch at the Upperdeck Restaurant

The Upperdeck restaurant at the China Fleet Country Club in Saltash, Cornwall

A two course meal was included in our mini spa day package. We ate in the Upperdeck restaurant located on the top floor of the Country Club. They have a separate spa day menu with a great selection of healthy options.

The menu includes a selection of toasted wraps, salads, pasta dishes and jacket potatoes. here is also a section of low calorie foods too.

The spa day menu at China Fleet Country Club in Saltash

Personally I went for the salmon & prawn salad and a amaretto chocolate brownie trifle. The food was excellent. My salmon was cooked to perfection and everything was very fresh and tasty.

Salmon salad at the Upperdeck restaurant in Saltash

amaretto chocolate brownie trifle

My friend had the BBQ pulled pork wraps with possible the biggest potato wedges I have ever seen! She also had the raspberry and white chocolate creme brulee to finish.

BBQ pulled pork wrap

raspberry and white chocolate creme brulee

In all we had a really lovely spa day and I will definitely be going back at some point in the future. I have even looked into membership at the club for when we do eventually move to Saltash.

Spa Day at China Fleet Country Club in Saltash, Cornwall


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