Splosh: 100% Refillable Cleaning Products

Splosh refillable cleaning products

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Our plastic waste problem is no secret. We are literally drowning the planet in plastic. However, I do feel that we are slowly waking up to our plastic addiction. Programmes such as Blue Planet and Drowning in Plastic are certainly helping to raise awareness.

If you are interested in reducing your households plastic waste then I’d definitely recommend checking out Splosh…

Splosh – Refillable Cleaning Products

Splosh is a new way to buy laundry and home cleaning products without having the plastic waste. You may have heard the term ‘circular economy‘ being thrown around recently well this is Splosh’s version for cleaning products.

Side note: If you’re interested in the circular economy system then I’d highly recommend watching The Story of Stuff


“We sell refillable home cleaning, dishwashing and laundry products – which cut plastic waste by up to 97.5%.”

“We’ve made refilling easier than recycling”

How It Works

1) Order your first set of bottles

2) Refills come through your letterbox

3) Dramatically cut plastic waste

Splosh how it works


How Do The Refill Works? 

When you are running low on a cleaning product you simply go onto the Splosh website and order your refills. For convenience, you can also download the Splosh app on your iPhone or Android.

The refills arrive in a small cardboard box that fits through your letterbox. You then pour the refill into your existing bottle. The refills are highly concentrated, some of them arrive ready to use and others need to be mixed with water first.


Splosh refillable pouches

Splosh refill pouch


All of the refillable pouches come with instructions and information about the product.

Splosh pouches weigh about 70% less than bottles and dispensers – which means a further 70% less plastic waste.

The combined effect of concentration and using pouches reduces plastic use by over 90%.

The Bottles

The bottles you’ll receive at the start all arrive ready to use. If you find you need more you can order them from the website.

The bottles are yours for life, however, if they break or stop working Splosh will replace them free of charge for regular customers.

The labels will peel off eventually but again you can ask Splosh for free replacement labels if you need them.


Splosh refillable cleaning products


Circular Economy Refill Pouches 

When you have topped up your products with the pouches you can send them back to Splosh to further reduce your plastic waste.

How It Works 

  • Collect 8 pouches in a refill box (leave caps on)
  • Tape the box up
  • Send back to Splosh using the free postage return label provided (you can also print more online)

What Happens to the Pouches?

Normally pouches can’t be recycled but Splosh has a neat solution to this. They reconstitute them into other products along with their partners. The total waste from this process is 2.5%.

The Splosh silver laundry powder pouches don’t need to be sent back as they are certified as home compostable. Simply rinse them out and put them into your compost. They break down within 4 months.

How Splosh Cut Plastic Waste 


Splosh cut plastic waste


Splosh Products 

  • Non-bio laundry liquids
  • Laundry liquids
  • Fabric conditioners
  • Laundry stain remover
  • Washing up liquid
  • Kitchen cleaners
  • Bathroom cleaners
  • Floor cleaners
  • Toilet bowl cleaners


Splosh eco cleaning products



Splosh only ever use non-toxic ingredients that biodegrade fast when back in the environment. 

Whenever possible the use naturally derived ingredients but sometimes, because the refills are concentrated, they use synthetic alternatives which give them the high-activity levels they need.

All the products are vegan-friendly, suitable for use with septic tanks and are not tested on animals. 

How Much Does Splosh Cost?

Splosh: 100% Refillable Cleaning Products #zerowaste #greenliving #sustainablelifestyle All of the Splosh products are individually priced but as an example, the kitchen cleaner bottle costs £1.45 for 5ooml. It comes filled.

You then order refills. The refill box contains a single pouch – enough to refill your 500ml bottle four times!

A refill pouch costs £4.95 so the equivalent price is just £1.24 for a bottle.

The prices for an equivalent eco cleaner start from around £1.53 and produce plastic waste so personally, I think the Splosh prices are very good.




Getting Started with Splosh

As well as individual bottles and products you can also buy starter packs including…

  • 3 bottle starter box £8.65
  • 5 bottle starter box £11.85
  • 8 bottle starter box £25.50

Alternatively, you can also make up your own boxes.

The Bottle-ometer 

Splosh bottle-ometerThe bottle-ometer is a way of seeing how many bottles you’ve stopped going to waste. Each time you order a refill, your Bottle-ometer score goes up.

You can see you score whenever you log into the Splosh website. Personally, I love this idea as it’s a way of tracking the impact you are having.

You can also share your score with friends on your social media channels and get rewards from Splosh when you hit certain targets.





Why Choose Splosh?

  • Powerful eco cleaning
  • Great value
  • Bottles for life
  • Fast & easy ordering
  • 100% money back guarantee


My Thoughts On Splosh 

I really love the idea behind Splosh as plastic waste is such a big issue these days and I do not believe that recycling is the answer.

I think the products are very reasonably priced and I love the fact that you can send back the pouches free of charge.

We already make our own zero waste kitchen and bathroom cleaners so I’ll probably stick to those but I will continue to use the Splosh toilet cleaner, washing up & laundry powder as I don’t make my own of these.

Now we have our bottles I will continue to use the Splosh products and I’m happy that we have reduced our kitchen waste even further.

To find out more about Splosh and how it works visit the website here.

I’d love to know what you think about Splosh? Is it something that you would switch to? Let me know in the comments below.

Splosh 100% refillable cleaning products #zerowaste #ecoliving #greenlifestyle
Splosh 100% refillable cleaning products. Fantastic #zerowaste product for the home #greenliving #sustainablelifestyle

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12 thoughts on “Splosh: 100% Refillable Cleaning Products”

  1. I tried them, but now I make so much myself, I don’t need them. I don’t make washing up liquid, but have invested in a 20l ‘bottle’ so don’t need that. I make cleaning spray and washing powder, so don’t need those either. I’ve given up on fabric conditioner, so don’t need that.

    I wasn’t super-impressed by Splosh products, but I would probably use them if I wan’t making my own.

    1. Hi Lesley, thanks for stopping by.
      Please, can you tell me a bit more about why you weren’t that impressed with the products? What in particular was it?

  2. What didn’t impress? Well, the ingredients list, for a start. As soon as I see an ingredient beginning with Benz … I worry. But mostly, they’re expensive compared to using vinegar, bicarb, castille soap, salt and soda crystals which work just as well (or better in some cases).

    They also feed the ideas that we need products – hot soapy water isn’t enough, when a lot of the time, it is. And they’re not cheap. In Britain, we have food banks reporting a huge surge in demand, For families struggling, eco-friendly cleaning products are way too expensive, but they could save money by using vinegar etc. If people can afford Splosh products and feel better about using them, then fine, but I’m not convinced that having Splosh delivered (all those extra deliveries, packaging etc) is any better (environmentally) than buying supermarket products.

    I’m not judging anyone who buys Splosh, Method, Ecover etc, but they’re not for me 🙂

    1. Hi Lesley,

      You are right eco cleaning products can be very expensive which is annoying!
      My main issue with natural cleaning products like vinegar, bicarb etc is that they don’t wash clothes very well. Or, they do for a while and then it all goes wrong. I’d love to know what you use for washing clothes?

      I do feel that local refill stations are the way forward. Our local health store has just had an Ecover refill station installed. I’m definitely going to start using that.

    1. Hi,
      I’m interested to know what was bad about the bar soap? Someone in our Facebook group was asking about them the other day but I’ve never tried them myself.

  3. I think i might have to give these a go. I like Ecover, but some of their stuff is hard to get, and so are Method’s products. Thanks for sharing

  4. This is an interesting concept and I will be interested to see the business develops. I use refills for my washing up liquid and washing liquid , although do plan to try and make my own at some point. I have to go to the organic shop to get the refills but I usually do this when I drop the boys at their sports training as the shop is next door. #GoingGreen

    1. Hi Rosie,

      Our local health store has started doing refills. I’m planning on using that next. I do feel that is the way forward with cleaning products. Now we just need more stores to get on board with the idea.

  5. I compromise with washing powder. I buy a big box of Ariel, bars of soap, borax and soda crystals.

    Soap is grated and mixed with borax and soda crystals. That used to be it, but I do add some Ariel now to stop the machine gunging up. I read quite a bit about how modern machines are not made to operate with soap or liquids and that you need washing powder to keep them in good order, especially if you have hard water.

    I wash whites with Ariel and soda crystals.

    1. Hi Lesley, that’s good to know thanks. I really struggle with finding something ‘natural’ to wash clothes. A lot of the natural alternatives seem to make the washing machine smell musty after a while which also makes the clothes smell 🙁

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