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Since I started blogging over 7 years ago I have learnt a lot of new skills along the way. I often get asked by friends how they can start their own blog. I have decided to create a huge collection of blogging related tutorials, tips and tricks that you may find useful.

Blogging for me started as a hobby but after only 6 months I realised that it was possible to actually earn a living from it. Today blogging is my full-time job and I love it! It’s great to have a job that you actually enjoy. Blogging has opened up so many new opportunities and experiences for me and I generally don’t think I could live without it now.

How to start a blog tips & tricks

I really hope you find this page useful and if there is anything in particular that you would like to see a post about please do let me know.

Don’t forget to check out the 11 Top Tips from Bloggers for Bloggers at the bottom of this page.

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Useful Posts On Blogging

Start a Blog

Start here with my post –How To Start a Blog in 4 Simple Steps

Then – How to Start a WordPress Blog

iPage Blog Hosting Review – Should you use them for your Blog?

Designing your Blog

Once you have your blog and hosting sorted you are then going to want to design your site and create a custom header – How To Create a Custom Blog Header

Promoting your Blog

Once you have set your blog up, you’re happy with how it looks and you have written a few posts you are going to want to start promoting it to others.

10 Places to Share a Blog Post After you Hit Publish

10 Free Places to Promote your Blog Giveaway

Joining the Blogger Community

The blogging community is a great one full of support and advice. It’s time to reach out and find your blogging tribe.

The Ultimate Blog Linky List

Using Social Media

Blogging and social media go together like rum and coke. If you really want to get serious about blogging you should consider creating various social media platforms.

Tips and Tricks for Using Pinterest

Making Money on your Blog

Once your blog is established and you are starting to get a regular following you might want to consider monetizing your blog.

An Easy Way to Make Money on your Blog

Advanced Blogging

Once you really get into blogging and you’ve been doing it for a while you may start to look for ways to improve your blog.

How I got my Bounce Rate from Disappointing to Excellent in 1 Month

I really hope you find these posts useful. I shall be adding more as and when I write them so keep checking back to see what’s new.

How To Start A Blog & Earn Money From It

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Blogging Tools & Programs

Since I started blogging over 7 years ago I have tried and tested various products, tools and companies. Some have been good, some have been bad and some have just been plain weird.

Here are my top recommended blogging apps and tools to help you with your blogging journey…

Become a Better Writer 

If you want to improve your writing then you need to install Grammarly. It’s a free app that automatically corrects your posts on your blog and your text in your social media updates.

It is *The World’s Best Grammar Checker. I use it every day and love it! Find out more about Grammarly on their website.

Grammarly Writing Support

Photo Editing

PicMonkey is an online photo editing and graphic design tool. I personally use PicMonkey for all of my photos. It’s really simple to use and has some great effects on it.

It’s a free-to-try website but you’ll need to start a free trial in order to save your designs to Hub, create custom effects, and share and export your work.

Read: How to Create a Custom Blog Header using PicMonkey

Buy Images for your Website or Blog

There are lots of free sites where you can get images for your website or blog such as Pixabay and Unsplash. However, these only have a limited amount of free images.

If you are looking to buy images then I’d highly recommend *Picfair. It’s a community of over 20,000 photographers from 130 countries worldwide and counting. Unlike other leading image buying companies, you have the option to license what you want. You don’t have to pay a monthly subscription. You simply pay as you go.

Website Hosting

iPage is a website hosting company. I use *iPage for all of my websites and blogs. I find their customer service fantastic. I’m not great with the technical aspects of blogging and if I ever have an issue they have always helped me out.

They are very reasonably priced; prices start from just £1.50 per month for hosting. I have been with iPage for 5 years now and wouldn’t use anyone else.

Read: How To Start a WordPress Blog on iPage

Video Editing

Filmora by Wondershare is a video editing programme. I use *Filmora to create and edit all of my videos. It’s really easy to use and has some great effects that you can add to your videos. You also have the ability to download more effects.

Filmora works on both Windows and Mac. You can either purchase a 1 Year License to test and make sure you like the programme or you can purchase a Lifetime License.

Watch: Check out my videos on my YouTube channel

SAVE 28% on All-in-one Easy-to-use home video editing software now!

Email Marketing

MailChimp is an online email marketing website. It allows you to create stunning custom emails to your subscribers. It is very easy to use and has lots of different templates to get you started.

Beginners to email marketing can create a free account which allows you to have up to 2000 subscribers. Once you have more than 2000 you can upgrade to their pro account. I use MailChimp to send out my monthly newsletter.


To really succeed with email marketing you should look into click funnels. Check out this useful click funnel review on the Markin Blog.

Blog/Website Design

StudioPress have hundreds of premium *StudioPress Themes for WordPress and plugins to make your blog look great! Quickly and easily build an amazing website now.

StudioPress Premium WordPress Themes

Business Cards

When you’re blog starts to take off you may want to get some business cards made. Personally, I would highly recommend * I use them for my cards and love them!

Yoast SEO Plugin

If you are serious about blogging and want to increase your page views then you really should install the Yoast SEO plugin. It’s free to install and takes all of the hard work out of implementing SEO on your blog.

Tailwind for Pinterest Promotion

If you want to implement a great Pinterest strategy to increase your page views and gain more followers then *Tailwind is the way forward.

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite


socialoomph for Social Media Management

I use SocialOomph for scheduling all of my tweets. It’s easy to use and saves me a huge amount of time each week. I use their Twitter Unlimited package which cost me around £9.50 a month and is worth every penny.  

Earn Money from Blogging


*Awin is an affiliate marketing network. They have over 13,000 advertisers that want to work with bloggers and website owners. Affiliate advertising is a great way to earn passive income from your blog.


ShareASale is another great affiliate advertising network. Find a sponsor for your website. *Get paid for your great content.


Find out about paid blogging opportunities using *BlogDash. BlogDash has been helping brands and bloggers connect since 2011. Create your own profile for free and start receiving pitches for work.

Blogger Outreach Made Easy


*Linkilike is a company that pays you to promote content on your social media channels. It’s free to join and very easy to use. You fill out a questionnaire stating your interests so the content is relevant to you.

Read: How to Earn Money on Social Media



This one isn’t necessarily blogging related, in fact, anyone can earn money with *InboxPounds. You earn money by completing surveys, clicking on emails, searching the web and playing games. Sign up is free and as a reward, you get a £1 bonus just for joining.

Blogging Courses I Highly Recommend


Turn Your Dreams Into Money 

*Turn Your Dreams Into Money: How To Build a Six-Figure Blog and Live the Life You Want

The Turn Your Dreams Into Money: How to Build a Six-Figure Blog and Live The Life You Want course is perfect for anyone who dreams of leaving their day job to start a blog and earn six figures from doing it.

Turn your Dreams into Money

What I love most about this course is how the step-by-step guides are so simple to understand and tell you exactly what to do to help make your blog a success.

Find out *more about the course here.

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Course

If you are going to buy any blogging related courses then the *Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing course should be on the top of your list! Learn how Michelle went from $0 in affiliate income to over $50,000 per month!

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Course for Bloggers


11 Top Tips from Bloggers to Bloggers

‘My top tip would be to post regularly and about subjects you are passionate about! I’ve been blogging for just over 2 years!’ – Krupa from Inspires Adventure

‘I started blogging nearly 6 years ago as a book blogger and rebranded to lifestyle about a year and a half ago. My advice would be to create a realistic schedule, don’t push yourself to post 7 days a week if this isn’t something you can maintain. Work on content that you can post on set days so that your readers know when to expect a post. But most of all, do it because you enjoy it and it is something you are passionate about.’ – Kirsty from Luv and Lifestyle

‘I have been blogging for 11 years and my top tip is: Blogging is meant to be fun. If it’s not fun, if it’s stressing you out, then it’s fine to take a break. Try not to get too caught up in the numbers game or opportunities that other people get. Just focus on doing what you do well because nobody can do you as well as you can.’ – Joanne from Opposable Thumbs


‘Get your own domain! You will probably not regret the £20 you spend on it even if you stop blogging but will definitely regret not building your DA sooner.’ – Anisha from Fashion and Frappes

yaya‘My top tip would be don’t get into it for the money or the freebies. Being successful takes a lot of hard work, commitment and passion, but focus on writing great content, don’t compromise on your views and success will flow from that.’ – Yaya from My Dreamality

‘Write like no one is reading and blog to the beat of your own drum.’ – Nickie from Typecast


‘Don’t try and be someone else. Write for you not to compare yourself to others.’ – Catherine from Rock and Roll Pussycat

‘Prepare to be in it for the long haul, it gets better as time goes on. Join in as many crowdsourcing posts as possible and network with other bloggers. Build up your DA now as it will be useful later on (whether that be opps, or ranking better on Google)’ – Nikki from Yorkshire Wonders


‘My top tip is to enjoy blogging and write about what you relate to and what fires you up.’ – Tanya from Crazy Purple Mama’s Blog

‘Try to connect with other bloggers by following them on social media, and reading and commenting on their posts. But DO NOT get upset if they don’t follow you back or return comments, and make sure the comments you leave are meaningful i.e. Explain why you loved their post, don’t just write “Great post!”. I have been blogging for just over a year’ – Rachel from Word of Rachel


‘Be yourself and don’t try to write like a blogger you admire. Write about your passions and what comes naturally to you and you’ll enjoy it so much more’ – Victoria from Lylia Rose

11 Top Tips from Bloggers to Bloggers

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