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I’ve had a small success with my supermarket free journey. I’ve found a local company that supply and deliver eggs from their farm, they don’t cost any more than the supermarket ones and they are free range! Hooray. I know it may not seem like a huge deal but you wouldn’t believe the struggle I have had to find local produce that the company delivers for the same price as the supermarkets.

supermarket free eggs

I get a dozen delivered every other week and if I’m out they just leave them in a safe place for me which is hugely convenient as I am constantly in and out all days picking up kiddies from various different activities.

supermarket free eggs 2

The only issue I’m having at the moment is paying them! I’ve missed him the last two times he has been round to drop of our eggs and my egg bill is starting to stack up. I think I need to contact them and see if I can set up a direct debit with them so I don’t have to worry about it. Other than that I’m really happy with my little success story.

Next I shall be investigating having items such as tea and coffee delivered. Watch this space!

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