Supermarket Free Interview #4

Supermarket free interview series

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The fourth interview in my supermarket free series.

First off tell us a bit about yourself and your blog?

harrietI am a full-time Mum of two, Sophie (4) and Oscar (2). As well as being at home I am a self-employed private music teacher.  Our role models are Tom and Barbara from the ‘Good Life’ with chickens in the garden and soon to be proud owners of an allotment plot!


When did you first decide to go supermarket free and why?

For the last few years I have been a vegetarian for Lent and this year my husband suggested I needed a new challenge! I decided giving up supermarkets was a great idea as I thought it would be relatively easy for most everyday items but had no idea where I would source things like toilet roll and cling film on a budget!

How long have you been supermarket free?

We last went to Tescos on Shrove Tuesday and since our Lent adventure we have not been back!

How did you start your supermarket free adventure? Did you go full throttle or wean yourself into it?

We are very lucky that our lifestyle already lent itself to being able to succeed on our new adventure. We only have one car so I walk through town everyday after school drop off. This just left working out where we could source everything you can’t get from butchers, farm shop and newsagents!

Where do you do most of your food shopping now?

We are very lucky as we live in a market town with two really good farm shops and an amazing butchers. By shopping regularly it is easy to pick up pound bags and extra goodies at the market that need using up. Alongside this my husband decided to support me in this venture by making his own beer and wine. This has proved both money saving and surprisingly delicious!

Do you use home delivery services?

I have used Big Green Smile for bulk buying nappies, toilet roll and household items which made things cheaper and it’s free delivery over £50. They were really efficient and have fantastic ethical products.

What do you find most difficult about being supermarket free?

It is far less convenient than shopping for everything all in one place. If you want to do it locally be determined and expect inconvenience (it’s really not that painful). We are on a tight budget so I plan our meals for the week so I know what I need each day. Being organised is essential because you can’t pop out after 5pm. There are some things you pay more for but are so much better than their commercial equivalent. However other things like fruit and vegetables are a lot cheaper and tastier because they are local.

What do you enjoy about it?

I enjoy having a chat to the ladies in the farm shop and getting bargains at the market. It feels so right to be shopping locally and supporting producers, growers and retailers who care about their produce more than making money. We only eat meat about once a week but we eat loads of fruit and vegetables and it feels really good. I have been far more creative making snacks for the children and I never thought I would be able to make my own ice cream!

What’s your best advice for anyone wanting to go supermarket free?

If you’re doing it on a budget meal planning really helps. Find your nearest farm shop and markets and try their produce. Be organised about it, find out where you can source things like toilet roll, cat food before you run out otherwise convenience of supermarkets will always win.

Lastly please share one of your favourite supermarket free posts from your blog with us

Starting a blog is on my to do list!


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