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As part of my ongoing supermarket free investigations I have been looking into having supplies delivered to your home. This week I have been focusing on having items such as tea, coffee and biscuits delivered.  I have found an online company that do just that called Ringtons they have a sales man that works in my area so I contacted him to see if he could pop round and tell me more about the business and how it works.


ringtons‘Unlike many other tea producers we believe in ensuring quality all the way through the process and that means delivering the tea direct to your door. You won’t find our teas in the supermarket. The only way you can enjoy a great Ringtons cuppa is by getting a fortnightly delivery from one of our friendly sales people – or right here on the website of course’

How it Works

The salesrep arrived armed with his basket of goodies and proceeded to tell me all about the company. You can order a huge selection of items including teas, coffees, sweets, chocolates, cakes, preserves and gifts. You don’t have to have the same each time and you can choose how often you would like him to come round.

supermarket free tea and coffee

I opted to try their everyday Green Tea bags £2.70, the Kenyan Gold Tea bags £3.95, the Ginger Snaps £1.90 and the Triple Chocolate Cookies £1.95. The chocolate biscuits were all gone by the end of the day so I’m guessing my family liked those! The green tea was more expensive than my normal green tea but it is very good. I guess you get what you pay for with tea.

supermarket free tea and coffee

Can we Afford it?

If you have read my previous posts on going supermarket free you will know that my main concerns with going supermarket free is the cost! I love the idea of scrapping supermarkets all together but I won’t do it if it’s going to increase our weekly food bill. Although Ringtons products are really good quality unfortunately our uber strict budget just won’t stretch to the cost of their products. Don’t get me wrong they aren’t hugely expensive just more than we would normally pay. However if unlike us cost isn’t a major factor in your supermarket free experience then they are definitely a company worth looking into for your tea and coffee supplies.


Although the company is based in Newcastle they have salespeople that work all over the country. If you visit their website you can find out if they work in your area.


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2 thoughts on “Supermarket Free – Tea & Biscuits”

  1. I love the concept of ditching supermarkets too. I hate shopping for food. i would much rather do it from the comfort of my own home. Living in the states we use a lot of Amazon, but they haven’t tapped too well into the food market yet. And boy how I wish we had something like Ringtons here. So hard to find good tea here.

    1. It’s something that I am becoming increasingly passionate about. I’m just finding the balance between buying local produce and not spending a fortune hard. I guess it’s just a case of finding the best places to buy the things you need.

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