Surviving January – Cutting Back on Food Costs

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January is a notorious time for everyone to be feeling the pinch after the excess of Christmas; it’s also a great time to take a good look into your spending habits and see where you could make improvements to cut costs and save more money this coming year.

Here’s a few festive spending stats brought to you by the Money Advice Service 

Festive Spending Stats

  • Almost one in three (30%) Britons felt pressured to spend more that they could afford over the festive period.
  • One in 10 (9%) have fallen into debt or further debt as a result of overspending.
  • Over one in four (28%) UK adults are set to struggle with money this month as the expense of Christmas takes it toll.


For many people one of their biggest outlays every month is food. Today I have put together a few tips and tricks for you to get the most out of your food shopping and hopefully help you in cutting back on food costs this January.

Cutting Back on Food Costs




Whenever we have anything left over from a meal we save it. How you save it depends on what you had to eat for example when I make chilli if there is any leftover I put it into a tub and freeze it ready for another day. When we have a roast dinner if there is only a little bit leftover we put it all together in a big pot and make soup. I then either freeze it or put it into the fridge for lunch the next day. If there is a lot of roast leftover we often have another full on roast the next day!

I also save and freeze all of our vegetable peelings which, when I have enough, get made into veg stock. You can also do the same with chicken stock.

Shop Around

There is a supermarket for everyone depending on the size of your family and your needs. If you have a large family then places like Asda are great because they do a lot of family food deals and they also do online shopping which is great for reducing impulse buying.

Personally we shop at either Lidl or Aldi as we find they have the best deals on the majority of items compared to other leading retailers. The food quality is also fantastic!

The trick is to find the best supermarket to suit your needs.

Use Supermarket Own Brands

We have personally found that the majority of supermarket own brands are just as good as the leading brands.  We’ve treated the swapping as a trial and error process and we’ve now found the cheaper alternatives that we like for most of our food. Why not do some swaps yourself and test your family to see if they can actually tell the difference? Don’t be fooled into paying for a name when the product inside is exactly the same as the one in the tin with the not so fancy label. You are paying for packaging that is all.

Grow Your Own


There are certain foods that you can easily grow yourself at home and save yourself money in the process. Some of the easiest foods to grow are tomatoes, potatoes and salad all of which can be grown in upright containers on your patio, decking or lawn. We personally use little pop up material pots which are very cheap to buy. We also save more money by making our own compost from any food scraps and cardboard that we have.

Change the Time you Shop

There is another blogger I follow who constantly amazes me with the deals that she gets on her food shopping. She only goes into the supermarkets at certain times of the day when they put out their reduced items. She regularly comes out with bags full of bargains and depending on the dates of the foods she then either freezes them or immediately makes them into a meal.

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