Sustainably Stylish with emerging Lifestyle brand Vênoor Living

Jinya coffee table by Venoor Living

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I have learnt a lot so far on my minimalist journey. One thing, in particular, is that it’s far better to spend a little bit more and get good quality products than it is to spend less and get something that won’t last. 

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Sustainable furniture with Venoor Living I’ve also become a lot more aware of how those products are built, who made them and where the material to make them were sourced.

My plan is to replace anything that gets broken or worn out in our home with more sustainable alternatives. Obviously, this is a long term goal and not something that will happen overnight.

The ultimate aim is less stuff but better quality!

I was recently introduced to a company called Vênoor Living and thought you might like to know a bit more about them.

Vênoor Living

Vênoor Living unites the spheres of sustainability and aesthetics to create exquisitely designed furniture with sustainable origins. The brand was formed to challenge the nature of consumerism and give customers the option to make a real lifestyle choice when purchasing their products.

Estel Dining table by Venoor Living

A Vênoor Living product is much more than a piece of furniture, it is a component in a sustainable process, that gives back to the environment and people that create it.

Here’s a little interview with them so you can see what they are all about…

Our Sustainable Story

The best stories start with the best intentions and Vênoor Living, since our inception, is striving to create an operation that makes exquisite furniture whilst enriching and maintaining the livelihoods of those who help us.

Through our sustainability initiative, we ensure that every Vênoor Living product is helping a community or environment thrive.

What’s Vênoor Living’s Aim?

Our aim is to create an eco-friendly community that is socially aware and united by the common cause of tackling socio-environmental problems in rural parts of India. This conversation of accountability, sustainability and progress is something Vênoor Living holds dear and so we have chosen this revolutionary initiative.

Venoor Living

How Do You Plan To Do This?

Our approach is far more than just the re-planting of a tree! This mission is a two- pronged attack against the carbon footprint and the lack of opportunities available to rural communities in India.

Vênoor Living initiates and helps in the development and management of reforestation and environmental conservation projects across India. Trees are planted in areas that are devoid of them, therefore creating work and produce, making them habitable community spaces, suitable for living and working in.

How Do You Keep Your Customers Informed?

To ensure we include our customers in this process we send a GPS reference out with each order so the growth of each tree can be monitored and tracked making it so tangible for each client.

What’s Your Ultimate Goal?

Our goal is an ambitious one – we aim to tackle the plantation and cultivation of trees to help people reduce their carbon footprint whilst simultaneously generating livelihood options for rural families. Ultimately, this is a big mission with a big heart and Vênoor Living is proud to pursue it!

You can check out Vênoor Living’s full range of furniture on their website.

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