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Hangsun oral irrigator

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Over the last 5 years, I have been working on reducing my bathroom waste. I’ve made several switches to help me achieve this including…

One thing I have been wanting to switch for a while now is to a more sustainable floss. I floss every evening so it was definitely not something I was going to give up.

Natural Silk Floss 

After doing a bit of research I came across a silk floss that came in a glass container. You can the buy just the refills of the floss afterwards and keep hold of your original container. I liked this idea but the cost was putting me off.

Prices *start from around £4.90 and *go up to around £5.90.

Water Flosser 

Another alternative was to invest in a water flosser which is something that I previously didn’t even know existed.

I was recently contacted by a company asking if I’d like to test their water flosser so naturally, I jumped at the chance.

Hangsun Oral Irrigator with Travel Case 

The product was a *Hangsun Oral Irrigator which sounds quite terrifying but it’s really not.

Hangsun oral irrigator


  • Pulse mode comfortable massages gums
  • Removes bacteria deep below the gumline & between teeth
  • Powerful jet water removes debris between teeth
  • Easy use around dental bridges, braces & crowns
  • Two nozzles included
  • 3 operation modes for varying oral care needs
  • 360-degree rotary nozzle
  • Nozzle release button, easy for taking down the nozzle
  • Convenient for water refill, holds 150ml water
  • Li-lon battery charges while sitting on the cradle
  • Low noise design

Hangsun water flosser

Why I Love My Hangsun Water Flosser 

Here are some of the reasons why…

  • It gives you that really clean feeling similar to when you have your teeth cleaned at the dentist.
  • It’s much quicker than using floss. It takes about 1 minute to do your whole mouth.
  • It doesn’t cut into your gums like floss sometimes can.
  • It comes with a handy travel case so I can take it on the boat.
  • It came with two nozzles, one for me and one for the other half.
  • It’s reusable.
  • It has a rechargeable battery.
  • No waste.

Another plus of this particular water flosser is that it’s very compact. Some of them I’ve seen have big water tanks that have to sit on the side in your bathroom. This wouldn’t work for us as we have a very small bathroom after we downsized our home.

The *Hangsun one has a small charging unit which the flosser can live on and takes up very little space in our bathroom.

Hangsun water flosser - zero waste living

Why A Water Flosser is Better than Floss 

You’ve heard why I love my water flosser now here are some of the health benefits of using one…

  • More Thorough – Removes 99.9% plague from treated areas
  • More Healthier – More effective than traditional floss, to improve gum health & reduce gingivitis
  • More Effective – More effective than traditional floss, for cleaning around braces

How To Use your Water Flosser 

Now I’m not going to lie to you using a water flosser takes time, patience and a lot of practice. The first time I used it I got more water on the walls of my bathroom than I did in my mouth.

The second time I somehow managed to shoot the water up my nose and for a brief moment, I thought I was drowning.

The third time I shot one of my tonsils.

However, by the end of the week, I had finally mastered it and now I love it!

To use your water flosser you first need to charge it. I left mine overnight to make sure it was fully charged.

Then you need to fill the water container with warm water. I’d definitely recommend using warm water over cold especially if you have sensitive gums.

water flosser

Choose the setting you’d like to use by pressing the ‘mode’ button. I’d recommend starting with the ‘Pulse’ setting.

Place the nozzle in your mouth.

Hold the flosser upright at all times and press the on/off button. Try to aim between your teeth just below your gum line.

Switching to a water flosser #zerowaste #greenliving #zerowastelifestle #reducewasteStart at the back of your gums and work your way forward. You need to leave your mouth slightly open to allow the water to spill out.

This bit takes a bit of mastering to get the right amount of ‘openness’.

Too much and the water will end up all over your face, up the wall and pretty much any but in your mouth. Too little and your mouth will rapidly fill up with water. As I said earlier it takes practice but it’s so worth it in the end.

I was thinking about creating a video on how to use it correctly so if you’d be interested in that then let me know in the comment section below.

How Much Does it Cost?

The *Hangsun oral irrigator normally costs £39.99, however, it’s currently on SALE for £29.99 and to make that even better I have a discount code for you; Save 20% on your water flosser by entering the following code: I4Q9YUJI 

That brings the flosser down to £23.99 for you. I’m not sure how long the code is going to be valid for so If you want the water flosser I’d grab it sooner rather than later.

Buy water flosser now

If you have any question about the Hangsun water flosser I’m more than happy to answer them. Just leave me a comment below and I’ll get back to you. 

Also, if you buy one yourself I’d love to know how you’re getting on with it. 

Gina Caro

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