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teagime morning tea blend

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I am always on the lookout for new teas to try, especially ones that improve your health; I think playing around with herbs appeals to the witch in me!

Recently I was made aware of a company called Teagime who are the UK’s only fully personalised Teatox programme that ensures every cup of tea is specifically selected for your needs. 


‘Improve your health and get in shape while enjoying teas that you’ll love.’

Teagime send you a personalised tea box, depending on what you wish to achieve.; whether that be to lose weight, eliminate toxins or boost energy they have the right blends for you.

All you do is fill out a simple questionnaire and Teagime do the rest. Also included in your pack is two free reusable tea infusers.  Your tea arrives through the post every two weeks.


You will receive a morning tea that kick-starts your metabolism, an afternoon tea that helps aid digestion and a caffeine-free tea for the evening.


The Teagime Box

This is the personalised box that I received with my morning, afternoon and evening tea. It comes complete with a little booklet for more information about the teas and the health benefits.


Morning Teagime Blend

My morning tea is a combination of Raspberry, Raspberry Leaf, Fennel and Oolong Tea. Raspberry and Fennel have been known to regulate periods and reduce cramping. Which I could really do with! Oolong Tea is a wonderful antioxidant and helps you to achieve vibrant looking skin.

teagime morning tea blend

Afternoon Teagime Blend

My afternoon Teagime mix is Lady’s Mantle, Pouchong Tea and Spearmint. Lady’s Mantle relieves symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. Spearmint relieves stress and increases circulation. Pouchong Tea fights nervous strain and sharpens mental powers.

Teagime afternoon tea blend

Evening Teagime Blend

The evening tea that I received is a mix of Hibiscus, Liquorice, Peppermint and Blackcurrant. Liquorice and Hibiscus are valuable weight loss allies which are rumoured to have been used by Cleopatra to enhance her legendary beauty. Peppermint and Blackcurrant stimulate digestion and help to reduce heartburn.

Teagime evening tea blend

Why I Love Teagime Teas

Fresh Tea is Best

You may not know this but most of the tea bags that you buy in shops are filled with tea dust. Tea dust or tea sweepings, (the technical term) is basically the bits that are left over after the tea leaf grading process is complete.

‘In the tea industry, tea leaf grading is the process of evaluating products based on the quality and condition of the tea leaves themselves. The highest grades are referred to as “orange pekoe”, and the lowest as “fannings” or “dust”.’ Source Wikipedia

Teagime teas are not dust! They are hand blended just before sending out to ensure its purity and freshness.

No Harmful Herbs

A lot of so-called ‘detox teas’ use harmful herbs that cause a laxative effect to aid weight loss. All these teas do is produce a false sense of weight loss that can be detrimental to your health. Teagime never uses these type of herbs in their teas.


Every blend that I was sent tastes lovely. The combination they have chosen of the different herbs works really well.

Easy to Use

The preparation of some teas can involve a complicated ritual of blending, mixing and steeping whereas the Teagime kit comes with the handy reusable tea infusers. You simply pop the mix into the infuser and let the hot water do the rest.

Teagime Tea Detox with customized blends of tea

Win your own Customized Teagime Box

If you’d like to be in for a chance of winning your very own customized Teagime box, complete with a morning, afternoon and evening tea along with a diffuser, please enter my giveaway below. Terms & conditions apply, please read before entering.

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14 thoughts on “Teagime – A Custom Blended Teatox & Giveaway”

  1. I suffer from cramp badly so would love to reduce this also would love to have vibrant looking skin,that’s why i want to win x

  2. Fab review – these sound lovely especially the Evening tea …I would love to try them , thanks for the chance to win x

  3. I enjoy all sorts of spice and fruit teas at work but would love to be more ‘hands on’ as to what goes into my teas- this would be perfect for me

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