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test your intolerance review

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Over the last year, I have been working on improving my health and general wellbeing. I’ve been on the Low Fodmap diet for nearly a year now and I have seen a huge improvement in my IBS symptoms.

However, over the last month, new symptoms have surfaced which as you can probably imagine after a year of hard work is a little annoying!

Clearly, something was going on inside my body that I wasn’t aware of.

In desperation, I did a bit of research and came across a company called *Test Your Intolerance.

Test Your Intolerance Review 

test your intolerance

‘Test Your Intolerance are the UK’s market leaders in food intolerance testing.


What Tests Do They Offer? 

They offer a range of different test so you can find out what you are intolerant to. They arrive in a small box through your letterbox.

Hair Tests  

Test Your Intolerance offer a range of hair tests. You take a sample of your hair and send it to them. I opted for the advance hair test. You’ll find my results below.

The hair tests include the following…

  • Your hair sample tested against 725 food and non-food items
  • A comprehensive report detailing your results in an easy to understand format
  • A FREE consultation by email with our nutritionist
  • 24 hour, Monday-Friday, online support from our customer service time via LiveChat

They have different price tiers depending on your needs.

test your intolerance health tests

Blood Tests

Test Your Intolerance have recently launched finger prick blood tests. The blood tests identify trigger items that could affect daily wellbeing and healthy living. It covers 40 of the most common food items.

It’s a simple pin prick test on a swab. I haven’t had this test done myself yet so can’t show you any results for this one.

intolerance testing kit

Who Are The Tests Good For?

The tests are great for anyone who is…

  • Struggling with symptoms that remain undiagnosed
  • Anyone who feels that certain foods may be affecting them but not 100% sure which ones
  • People that want to understand more about their body
  • Anyone that just generally feels unwell and feels there may be some underlining issue

My Results 

I opted for the advanced hair test which gave me the following results…

Foods That I’m Intolerant To 

A list of foods that I’m intolerant to; 15 to be exact! The reds are high and the ambers are medium. Clearly, I should avoid eel and sheep’s milk at all costs! Not that they are something that I eat regularly or in fact ever in my life.

Everything on here has an intolerance level of over 85%. The reason they report only above this threshold is that 85% is the point at which you would expect to start experiencing symptoms from an intolerance.

test your intolerance food results

I was really shocked that I’m intolerant to bananas. I eat them every single morning in my porridge! That really sucks.

Get a Test Your Intolerance test today and find out which foods you can and can't have. Also grab your 20% off discount code. Click the image to get yours. #healthyliving #healthy #diet The gluten I had long suspected but It’s great to finally have it confirmed. I was pretty much gluten-free already but now I will go full throttle with that.

Coconut is really annoying as I use coconut oil every single night to take off my makeup. I’m now looking into alternatives. Someone suggested almond oil so I may give that a go.

Egg whites I wasn’t too surprised about as whenever I eat too many eggs in one go say like in an omelette I instantly feel sick. However, eggs do make up a huge part of my current diet so I’m going to have to rethink that.


The beeswax shocked me and is also going to be a real problem for me as I use beeswax wraps for wrapping all of our food! I’m going to have to find an alternative to that now as well!

In conclusion, I feel like my body is basically forcing me into becoming a gluten-free vegan that can’t eat bananas or coconut.

Get 20% a Test Your Intolerance kit

Non-Food Items 

A list of non-food items that I’m intolerant to; 6 items on that list. Nothing there that is too much of a problem for me as I don’t tend to come into contact with any of them.

test your intolerance non-food results


Nutrition Test Results

The nutrition test results I found really interesting as it tells you what your body is lacking. in.

Test your intolerance nutrition results

The lack of vitamin B2 didn’t surprise me as I recently took a microbiome test that also told me that. (More on that test another day).

I’m planning on buying some B2 supplements as I already eat a lot of the recommended foods to increase the levels. So clearly I need some extra help with that.

A lack of iron didn’t surprise me either as I’m constantly being tested for anaemia. (Last blood test results came up negative though). I also have pretty much all of the symptoms of iron deficiency.

The others I had no idea about so I’m putting together a new food plan to increase the levels of all of the above.

Heavy Metals Test Results 

A guide to what heavy metals I showed a sensitivity to. Marked in a traffic light system as Low (green), Medium (Amber) and High (red).

As you can see from the list the metals I’m most sensitive too are Beryllium, Magnesium (no more Epsom salt baths for me) and Strontium.

The amber ones that I should also try to avoid were Cadmium, Copper, Lead & Mercury.

test your intolerance test results review

What’s Next

Food intolerances are different from food allergies. An allergy is something you have for life but intolerances can change. Allergies are generally more severe than intolerances.

Test You Intolerance recommend that you eliminate all of the foods you’re intolerant to for 6 weeks. Then slowly reintroduce one food at a time and keep a food diary so you can track any reactions you have.

test your intolerance results guide

The advance test comes with a food diary and results guide which is really handy.

I also stumbled across a free app whilst I was doing the Low Fodmap diet which is really useful called Bowelle. You can track everything you eat, how you feel, your stress levels and bowel movements.

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 A Freebie For You: 6 Week Meal Plan Printable

My Thoughts on Test Your Intolerance 

I’m really pleased that I had a test done.

I have a much better understanding of how my body reacts to certain foods and what I need to eat more and less of.

I feel with these new results combined with the other microbiome test results I got I can now put together a really personalised diet plan that suits my body and its needs.

I would highly recommend having this test done. 

How To Order 

It’s really easy to get a test. Go the *Test Your Intolerance website then…

  • Choose the test you want to have done and order it online
  • Your test will be sent out to you with everything you need in it
  • Do your blood or hair sample at home and send it back with your submission form
  • Get your results within 7-10 days

Test you Intolerance review

Discount for Gypsy Soul Readers 

The lovely people over at Test Your Intolerance have given my readers 20% off any test. Simply enter the code gypsysoul20 *on the website.

Get 20% a Test Your Intolerance kit

Check back soon to see how I’m getting on with my 6 week elimination period and whether cutting out the foods I’m intolerant to is helping me.

*As I was so happy with my test results I have become an affiliate for Test Your Intolerance. That means that if you use my 20% discount code I will receive a small commission from the sale at no extra cost to you. As always, I only ever recommend products that I either use myself or I feel can help you to live a more sustainable & simple life. 

Get 20% off a Test Your Intolerance test today and find out what foods you can and can't eat. Click the image to get your discount code today. #diet #guthealth #healthyliving #wellbeing
Get 20% off a Test Your Intolerance test today and find out what foods you can and can't eat. Click the image to get your discount code today. #diet #guthealth #healthyliving #wellbeing

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2 thoughts on “Test Your Intolerance Review & 20% Discount For You”

  1. Uh, this looks really interesting! I have been experiencing some stomach pains to really random foods in the last few months (such as broccoli), so I would definitely be intrigued to see if that is because of an intolerance.

    1. Hi Lizzy,

      Broccoli can be high in Oligos if you have too much (270g or more). Which can cause stomach issues for some people.

      Have you been diagnosed with any stomach issues such as IBS? If not it might be worth going to the doctors to see what they say. It also might be worth you having a test done to see what comes up.

      I’d definitely recommend starting a food diary so you can start to see a pattern. The Bowelle app I mentioned above is very good and free. 🙂

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