The Benefits of Technology in the War on Waste

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The impact of human behaviour on the planet has reached a stage where it can no longer be ignored. In fact, as research shows, if decisive action isn’t taken now, the consequences could be felt sooner rather than later. 


Many people believe that leading a more environmentally conscious life means leaving behind your worldly goods and moving to the woods. However, this isn’t the case at all; it is entirely possible to have an eco-conscious existence within the modern world.


Fast-paced modern life and its preference for convenience are often cited as one of the leading causes of destruction to the planet. Interestingly, technology could hold much of the solution to the issues facing our world rather than increasing them. Here is how technology can help, rather than hinder the protection of the environment:

Digital Technology = Less Waste


The ability to share information with people thousands of miles away in real-time has been one of the most significant technological advancements of the modern era. Cloud technology means that you can set up iCloud mail and have access to most aspects of your digital life. Thanks to the cloud, your photos, music, and documents are available instantly. 


To appreciate the impact that cloud technology and email have on reducing waste, you need to turn your mind back to the not so distant past. Before email technology was available, you would need to write a letter. This would mean using paper and ink to produce the letter. You would then need to post it; this letter would then need to be transported via truck or train, which means more carbon. To get a reply, these steps would then happen all over again in reverse, and so it goes on.

Without email, the number of precious trees used for paper, the amount of plastic and chemicals used for the ink would be colossal. This is in addition to the energy used to power the computer and printer, which produced the letter in the first place.


Music streaming not only means less clutter in your home from CD’s but also means less of the earth’s resources are used to produce them. Having your music stored somewhere in the cloud means you can access it from anywhere, and significantly reduce the amount of plastic in your life.

The Power of Communication


Without technology, it would be infinitely harder to raise awareness of the problems facing the planet. The internet has enabled the global community to share their knowledge and raise awareness of environmental issues in ways that would never have been possible in the past.

Technology and Energy


There’s no escaping the fact that technology requires energy to function. However, digitisation of communication means the use of physical products has reduced, along with the resources and energy used in their production.


Technology has made renewable energy possible and enabled scientific research to investigate climate change. It is through technology that the issues facing the world were identified, and the need for urgent action highlighted.

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