The Power of the Blogger

The Power of the Blogger - 5 Reasons why your business should work with bloggers

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Are you interested in finding out how working with a blogger can increase business for you? Would you like to tap into a system that promotes your business in a modern, fun and cost effective way? Do you want to get people talking about your products? 

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then you should seriously consider working with bloggers.

5 Reasons Why your Business Should Work with Bloggers

The Power of the Blogger - 5 Reasons why your business should work with bloggers

One of the Most Influential Mediums

According to Technorati’s Digital Influence report  ‘blogs still are one of the most influential mediums, ranking high with consumers for trust, popularity and influence.’ Bloggers are Social Influences, they work hard to build up a loyal following, this makes them incredibly influential. If a blogger likes your product and talks about it on their blog their followers will take notice.

Creating a Conversation  

Gone are the days of putting up a flyer in your shop window advertising your latest offer or sale. Today it’s all about creating a conversation about your product. You need to get people talking about you and your business. You need people to be sharing your posts on Facebook, retweeting your latest tweets on Twitter. Bloggers can help you with this.

‘71% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase based on social media referrals’ *Source*

Experts in their Niche

Almost all bloggers have a niche, whether that be fashion, money saving or gadget reviews. If you find a blogger that specialises in your niche they can help you to reach a highly targeted audience.

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Tailored Campaigns

Rather than the standard banner advertising, which let’s face it is getting a little old now, bloggers can work with you to tailor a campaign to your specific needs.

Generate Traffic to your Website 

Not only can bloggers share and promote your products, they can also drive traffic to your website through sponsored posts on their blogs or by posting about your brand/business on social media sites.

Are you convinced yet? Would you like to  find out more about how you can work with a blogger?

The Power of the Blogger: Everything you need to know about bloggers but were afraid to ask.

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  • How bloggers can boost your bottom line
  • What bloggers love and hate
  • How to identify the best bloggers for your brand
  • What bloggers need from you

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