The Project Good Life and Thrifty Thursday

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So we have a dream and put simply it entails this…

Sell our house : Buy some land : Build our own home : Live a thriftier life

Obviously, we don’t expect this to all happen overnight, I suppose you could call it our 5-year plan however we are calling it Project Good Life. At the moment we have no idea how long it will take or whether it will ever actually happen but we all have to have a dream right?

The first steps of Project Good Life have begun, we have put our house on the market. The estate agent seemed pretty confident that it would go quite quickly (they all say that) so now I suppose we just wait and see. Exciting times.

I have now gone into full-blown fantasy mode, dreaming of all the possibilities that could be, as you can see from my Thrifty Living Board on Pinterest.

Thrifty Thursday

I am now on a mission to find all sorts of ideas on how to live a thriftier life. I would love for you to share any ideas that you have with me here. Whether it be a way to save money on food shopping or your latest thrifty find. If you saved money in any way then link it up here on Thrifty Thursday.

Thrifty Thursday




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10 thoughts on “The Project Good Life and Thrifty Thursday”

  1. Good luck with the 5 years plan! Sounds so Exciting!
    I added my link for you, though I am not sure it’s what you are looking for. It’s about all the things we do and if they make us thrifty & frugal or not.

    1. Hi Orli, it’s exactly what I am looking for. It’s a fantastic list! We do some of it but not all (must get better!) Thank you for joining in x

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