The Web of Life

The Web of Life. Image Credit: s9-4pr Flickr

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What would you say if I told you that we are all connected and that every decision you make on a daily basis has an effect on others? You’d probably think I sound like some new age hippy spouting on about enlightenment right?

Humour Me a Minute

Let’s play a game… Imagine you have woken up this morning and the minute you got out of bed you stubbed your toe on the bedside table. You then spilt your coffee down your brand new work top. To top it off you go outside to find you have a flat tire and you’re going to have to take the bus to work. You are having a pretty bad morning right? How do you feel?

When you do finally make it into the office you’re feeling pretty annoyed. Then that boring guy from finance comes over and starts babbling on about his very boring weekend. You are really not in the mood after your eventful morning so you snap at him and tell him to go away.

He goes away feeling pretty dejected and doesn’t understand what he has done wrong. He spends the whole morning trying to work out what he did to offend you, after all he was only being polite and making conversation.

By lunch time he’s starting to feel annoyed himself, then the office bully comes over to him and starts to do his usual mocking of his clothes and telling him he’s a loser. Normally he would humour his behaviour but today he snaps, after all he’s not in the mood. The bully is taken aback but admits defeat and makes his way back to his desk, feeling annoyed for being snapped at. Do you see where this is going?

The bully stews on this for the rest of the day, slowly getting more and more cross that he let the loser from finance get the better of him. By the time work has finished he’s really angry so he pops into the pub for a pint or four on his way home. When he gets home he finds his wife has burnt his dinner, he snaps, she then spends the next 2 days in hospital.

Now granted this is very far fetched but do you see my point?

Everything you do and every decision you make has a direct effect on the people around you.

To quote John Donne ‘No man is an island!’

The Web of Life. Image Credit: s9-4pr Flickr

The Web

Now humour me for a minute with a bit of visualization. Visualize yourself standing in a room filled with your family, now imagine an invisible line connecting you to each member of your family. This line is energy, something which every living thing is made of. Now extend this further by connecting each family member to each other.

In your mind there should be lines everywhere by now, looking a bit like a web. Taking this further now add in your close friends and connect them with lines of who knows who. Now add in all of your acquaintances and your friends friends. What does it look like now? You friends friend may not be that close to you on a day to day basis but you are connected through the web.

Although you may not physically be in the presence of your best friends friend on a particular day that doesn’t me that you might not have an effect on how their day unfolds. Say you met your best friend for brunch. You were in a really bad mood after a hectic morning with the kids and naturally you wish to offload your problems to your friend. They, being a good friend, listen with a sympathetic ear.

After a long and slightly depressing conversation you best friend now goes away feeling low. They has taken on your low energy. They then meet up with their other friend later on. That low energy then gets transferred to them and BOOM you have just had a direct effect on your best friends friend without even being in their presence!

Hopefully by now you have become aware of the framework in which we all live. People call the awareness of the web, consciousness – ‘is the state or quality of awareness, or, of being aware of an external object or something within oneself.’  Source 

Now you are aware use it to your advantage. Whether you call it karma, kismet, fate, or consciousness it all boils down to one thing what you put out there can change the world.

Making one person smile can change the world; maybe not the whole world but their world

One thing to remember also is that the web harbours no prejudices. There are no exclusions due to race or beliefs. Everyone is on the web.  I guess what I’m trying to say is the next time you start your day in a bad mood think about who that will affect  around you.

Have a think for a minute…

What have you put out there in the web so far today?

Did you wake up and grunt at your partner after a night of no sleep or did you wake up and actually acknowledge them? Did you smile at your neighbour as you left the house this morning or did you shout and swear at the idiot that cut you up at the junction? Did you take the time to stop for 5 minutes to listen to the office bore who really just wants to be heard? We all have the power to make everyone’s day that bit better, use it!

Further Reading

If I have sparked your interest in the web and how we are all connected that I’d recommend checking out the two books below.


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**Spider Web Image Credit: s9-4pr on Flickr**

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