The World’s First Plastic Free Air Purifier

Briiv plastic free air purifier

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This is a sponsored post with Briiv: Creating healthier and happier environments with a new type of air purifier, inspired by nature and powered by NASA technology.

In 2017 approximately 1.6 million people worldwide died as a result of indoor air pollution. The quality of the air within your home can have a huge impact on your health & wellbeing. 

Normal daily activities in your home can cause air pollution like…

  • Cooking
  • Using Your Stove
  • Burning Candles


Other things which can have an effect on the air quality in your home are pets, molds and outdoor fumes that get inside. That’s why it’s really important to keep the air in your home clean. If you’re in need of a quick fix to improve the air quality in your home then check out my post below…

One way to improve your indoor air quality is to invest in an air purifier. However, the problem with most traditional air purifiers is that they produce plastic waste from the filters. Standard air purifier filters cannot be recycled. 

‘6,000 tonnes of HEPA filters are sent to landfill every year. That’s the same as 500 London buses… which will take millennia to decompose.’

If only there was a more eco-friendly and natural alternative! Well that’s where Briiv comes in

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Briiv Unveils The World’s Most Sustainable Air Purifier 

Briiv (based in the UK) uses 100% renewable and natural materials to filter the air in your home or office environment. By using biodegradable filters, the Briiv units tackle an industry that produces 1,000’s of tonnes of landfill each year in the form of used filters.

‘The Briiv Air Purifier brings together the power of all-natural, sustainable and biodegradable materials to deliver air purification performance that equals that of a conventional device.’


Unlock The Power Of Plants & Nature

Briiv will effectively improve the air quality in a 36m² (387ft²) living space in just one hour using 4 layers of natural filters. 1 Briiv is the equivalent to 3,043 houseplants!

Here are the 4 layers…

  • Moss
  • Coconut
  • Charcoal 
  • Wool
Plastic Free Home

Sustainably Sourced Moss

Creating a healthier and happier environment in your home using sustainably sourced moss which captures the larger particle matters like dust and animal dander in the air.

Natural Coconut Fibres

The natural coconut husk help to trap harmful substances in the air.

Activated Charcoal 

The activated charcoal pulls odours from the air so Briiv not only cleans the air but makes it smell nicer too. When hemp is combined with carbon it captures harmful VOC’s. 


Specially bred sheep produce a new wool as effective as plastic filters. This wool captures small particles and bacteria including bacteria, mold spores, pollen, allergens, harmful gases and harmful fine particles. This is a technique developed to be used by NASA for air filters in the Orion capsule. The wool is just as effective as the plastic HEPA filters but the difference is they’re 100% biodegradable


The wool used is from a breed of sheep called Astino in New Zealand. The sheep are well cared for and all of Briiv farmers use safe practices and humane sheering.

Why Choose A Briiv Air Purifier?

  • Eliminates Toxins In Your Home Fast
  • 100% Planet Friendly 
  • Zero Plastic Waste
  • Zero Maintenance
  • Helps With Hay Fever & Allergies
  • Ozone Free 
  • Can Be Placed Anywhere In Your Home
  • Uses Sustainably Sourced Moss & Natural Coconut Fibres 
  • Google & Alexa Integration To Automatically Track Filter Replacement 
  • Unique & Stylish Design
Unlock The Power Of Plants With The Briiv Air FilterIncrease the air quality in your home with one of these eco-firenly and plastic free air purifiers
Unlock The Power Of Plants With The Briiv Air Filter
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