Thrifty Thursday – 5 Places To Source 2nd Hand Children’s Clothes

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I got the bargain of the year this week in the form of a huge bag full of 2nd hand children’s clothes for Lowenna and I only payed £10 for the lot. The clothes were in immaculate condition and were all good makes such as Next, H&M and M&S. I found them on a local Facebook selling site.

2nd hand children's clothes

Today I thought I would share with you my top 5 places to source 2nd hand children’s clothes.

Charity Shops

I have found some amazing bits from charity shops in the past and It’s very rare that I go into one without coming out with something, much to the annoyance of the other half.


You will often find people selling a bulk load of children’s clothes on Ebay and they normally go for a cheap price because they are ‘pick up only’ which limits the amount of people that will bid on them.

Facebook Selling Pages

This is where I found all of the lovely clothes above. There are loads of different selling pages on Facebook you just need to search for one in your area.

Car Boot Sales

If you are after some real bargains then car boot sales are your best bet. I have often brought an item of clothing for as little as 20p and if you approach people towards packing up time they are really keen to get rid of stuff so you might manage to get it even cheaper!

Pre-Loved Clothes Stores

I have found quite a few of these since we have moved down to Devon. There is one that is particularly good in a town nearby called Treacle Corner. All of there clothes are marked at about a third of the original high street price and they stock lots of great designer labels.

Last time I was there I brought a gorgeous girls Joules jumper that cost me £6.00 and it looked brand new! Keep your eye out in your local area for shops like this.

Where do you source your 2nd hand clothes from or do you always buy new?

5 Places To Source 2nd Hand Children's Clothes

Thrifty Thursday

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9 thoughts on “Thrifty Thursday – 5 Places To Source 2nd Hand Children’s Clothes”

  1. We have been lucky to get some great hand me downs from a friend. But you got a real bargain with the bag of clothes. One thing that I do like about hand me downs or second hand clothes is that they are different to what is in the shops. I hate it when you go somewhere and there are a few children in the same outfit! All linked up x

  2. I hate that too, I like to be different. Also they grow out of the clothes so fast at this age that I think it’s madness to spend lots of money on them. Thank you for linking up again, your pie looks very yummy 🙂

  3. Children’s clothes are always in such good condition as they are in them for such a short time! Our friends have had 3 girls, and always generously give us a bag of hand-me-downs, which I then pass to my sister whose daughter is 10 months younger than mine. If I have another girl, she’ll pass them back! I also buy a lot from eBay, and from a secondhand children’s boutique near me called Merry-Go-Round. Her wardrobe is fabulous, but there are very few things in there which I have bought new- apart from vests, which don’t last so well!

    1. It’s great if you can all share clothes like that, we give a lot of our clothes to a friend too. I buy new for special occassions such as weddings but I make sure they get as much use out of it as I can 🙂

  4. The Free From Fairy

    We are pretty lucky with clothes…we get given loads of boys clothes by friends and a member of our family loves shopping for girls clothes (because she has grown up boys and never got to do the pretty clothes thing!)…so we are pretty well covered! Having said that I do love Ebay and I also love Primark for those crazy bargains…just bought my daughter her coat for next year for £3!!

  5. I tend to sell clothes on rather than get hold of them second hand so it’s useful for clearing out and getting some money back.

    I use Nearly New sales (harder now N’s getting older as they wear uniforms and clothes get wrecked quicker), and rely on my best friend sending me her charity shop finds for N in his next size up. Once we’re finished with them, they get sent back up to her for her son. Our charity shops don’t have many boys wear in – or if I spot any, they’re horrible and not the right sizes I’m looking for.

    I shall definitely be looking at car boots sales we go to though.

  6. When the boys were at nursery we did the eBay thing and got all their messy, nursery play clothes there! Now I try to pass clothes on as much as I can, and I often get clothes passed to me which I then also pass on 🙂 #PoCoLo

  7. All great places indeed :). In Sunninghill where I used to live, they have a place called the Stock Exchange where not only can you buy preloved clothes but you can also take them and earn money out of them! Thank you for linking to PoCoLo x

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