Thrifty Thursday – Downsizing! Taking Budgeting To The Extreme

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This year we have really taken budgeting to the extreme! We are moving house in order to reduce our monthly outgoings. 

Our Old House

I love our house! It is the perfect family home, it’s old, has loads of character and it’s big enough to fit the never-ending stream of guest that we now seem to have to stay since moving to Devon.


However, we are leaving this home for pastures new. Why? The answer is to dramatically reduce our outgoings. In short, we are downsizing but not only that we are modernizing.

As much as I love our current home there is no escaping the fact that it costs a small fortune to run. It is quite possibly the least eco-friendly/energy efficient house EVER!

It has old leaded windows and when it is windy outside the curtains physically fly into the room. The heating is run on an oil boiler and costs us a huge amount each winter and don’t even get me started on the water that comes in through the doors and ceiling in the boot room.

The maintenance costs of this house are on another level!

The New Modern House

Our new house, however, is still being built, it has an energy efficiency rating of B and is not run on oil. The insulation will be packed in, it will have brand new double glazed window and doors and most importantly it won’t leak!

Modern House

Obviously, this isn’t our actual house, It’s just a drawing.

With this new house, we will not only be saving money on our household bills every month, the mortgage repayments are also lower.

We have estimated that by moving from this house to our new one we will save on average £250 a month! That’s a nice chunk of extra money each month to spend on other things (or save if we want to be really good).

It’s going to be quite a shock for us as we have never lived in a town before and we’ve never had a modern house either but I am really looking forward to creating some thrifty decorating in all of the new rooms.

I’m also really looking forward to having less to clean. I seem to spend my entire life cleaning our current house.

Update: Find out how we got on with the move and how much we are saving in our new home here…

How we cut our household bills by over half!

Why we are downsizing and taking budgeting to the extreme


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15 thoughts on “Thrifty Thursday – Downsizing! Taking Budgeting To The Extreme”

  1. Your house looks gorgeous and full of character its a shame it costs so much! However your new house looks lovely and £250 extra a month in your pockets! Wow! I haven’t joined in with your linky before, can I link up thrifty recipes? Since doing gbb I’ve been trying to do more 🙂 xx

    1. It is a shame but we’d rather have the extra cash each month to be able to do more things with the kiddies and I’m really looking forward to living in a warm house. Our current one is beyond freezing! Please do join in with the Thrifty Thursday linky, the more the merrier. 🙂

  2. What a beautiful house you have, and such a shame that you have to leave. I understand though (as someone who lives in a Victorian house!), if you stay you have to spend a fortune on maintenance, just to bring it up to spec. With budget constraints I think you are doing the right thing, obviously it’s a decision you didn’t take lightly. You will be just as happy in your lovely new home, I’m sure!

    1. It is a shame but as you said it’s the right thing to do. The house needs sooo much work doing too it and we just don’t have the time. Quite looking forward to having a low maintenance house 🙂

  3. thereadingresidence

    Wow, that is the way to save cash! Your house looks gorgeous, but that is quite a monthly saving. Hope it all goes smoothly x

    1. It is a gorgeous house, It will be sad leaving it but I’m excited about the new house. Hopefully it will all go smoothly *fingers & toes crossed*

  4. We live in an old house, but we have double glazed doors and windows and it makes such a difference from our previous house(which was the same age but everything was rotting away). Looking forward to your thrifty decorating tips. xx

    1. This house would probably be a lot better if it had double glazing and better insulation. It makes a huge different! I can’t wait to start decorating the new house with lots of up-cycling projects. I’ll be sharing it all on the blog 🙂

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