Thrifty Thursday – Thrifty Blogger Interview: A Thrifty Mum

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Welcome to my third thrifty blogger interview. I’ve really been enjoying getting to know the people behind the blogs and I hope you have to.

Today I have another lovely thrifty blogger to interview… meet Jen from A Thrifty Mum & Mum in the Mad House.

Thrifty Mum blog


Mum in the mad house blog First off tell us how, when and why you started blogging?

I blog at Mum in the Mad House and also A Thrifty Mum.  I started my first blog after being diagnosed with breast cancer as a record of what we did.

I subsequently started A Thrifty Mum as I wanted to stay at home with my family and as a record of money saving tips and hints,

How often do you blog and do you have a schedule?

I don’t have a schedule, after six years I blog when and where I want; however, I now blog for a living, so make sure that I give my readers well thought out and planned content.

Tell us what the best thing about being a blogger is?

It enables me to work from home and be here when my boys need me.

What does being thrifty mean to you?

Being thrifty is all about getting the best value I can out of things, be that life, food or time.  I try to make the most of things and maximise what we have.

Give us your best thrifty tip?

Never go food shopping when you are hungry!  My other top tip would be to plan, never buy spontaneously and budget.  I use cash which stops me being frivolous.

What’s your best advice for anyone wanting to live a more frugal life?

You really have to have a reason, something to focus on.  For me it is making the most out of every day and providing for a future with my children.  Also you have to be ready to be held responsible for your spending, which isn’t always easy.

What do you find the most difficult about trying to be thrifty?

Waiting. I am not a naturally patient person, but we made a decision not to buy on credit, so we have to save up for larger purchases and I am not good at waiting to save up what we need.

8) Which other thrifty bloggers do you follow?

Mortgage Free in Three

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Frugal Queen

A big thank you to Jen for joining in with this week’s Thrifty Blogger Interview, if you would like to be interviewed on Thrifty Thursday then please send me an email at

Thrifty Blogger Interview

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  2. Great interview. I love reading Jen’s blogs. I try to only carry cash, I find myself more reluctant to spend it when it’s in my hand rather than using a card to pay.

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