Thrifty Thursday – Thrifty Christmas Hampers

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If you are stuck for a present idea for someone this Christmas then a food hamper can be a great solution and contrary to popular belief,  if you shop in the right places, they don’t have to cost a fortune.

Christmas Hamper

This year both of my parents will be receiving a homemade Christmas food hamper.


Both of these hampers cost just £10 each!

In an ideal world it would be lovely to shop in a quaint little delicatessen, picking out all locally produced products and mixing that with some form of locally brewed alcoholic drink but in the world we live in that just isn’t feasible. We have a very large family and therefore we always set a £10 limit for each persons present at Christmas. So I had to think ‘thrifty’ with the hampers. thrifty-christmas-food-hampers

To keep the cost down for the hampers I bought the contents from places such as Aldi, Lidl and Trago Mills (a local discount store). All of these stores have some really lovely products in them that are also nicely packaged but the prices are really low.

I paid 20p for one of the baskets from a local Re-Use store and 50p for the red bowl from our local recycling centre. The cellophane I had previously bought at my local post office and it cost me £1 and the extra decoration bits were left overs from last year.  thrifty-christmas-hampers

 I also added my thrifty homemade name tags on the top.


 So there you have it some festive, thrifty, Christmas hampers.

Thrifty Thursday

Thrifty Thursday

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22 thoughts on “Thrifty Thursday – Thrifty Christmas Hampers”

    1. You should try it one year Christine. I also make non-food ones for people too. You can include smellys, accessories, all sorts of things

  1. So much nicer than shop bought ‘hampers’ too! They always seem to have a tinned Steak & Kidney pie in for some reason(?) I’ve never quite figured that out. That said, I’m talking the kind of hamper you used to get in mail order catalogues – I’m sure Fortnum and Mason hampers disregard the ‘traditional’ Steak and Kidney pie. Or at least if they do include one it’s not in a tin and it’s never seen the inside of a Fray Bentos factory!

    1. haha yes I don’t think my budget can quite stretch to a Fortnum and Mason hamper! The basket alone is a small fortune. I like creating my own because you can hand pick each item.

  2. I love these ideas. So cheap too and they really don’t look it. Super savvy which is exactly what everyone needs at Xmas. I also love the fact that they seem a really thoughtful but useful gift. I’m gonna do one for my grandparents I think. X #ABloggersChristmas

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