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Games Review

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I’m not a big fan of buying lots of toys for our children all they ever seem to do is play with them once and then never again; games however I do like. Especially ones that challenge their minds or teach them something new. We were recently sent some games to review and I thought I’d share our experience of them with you.

Games Review


The Timeline Card Game comes in five different versions; Historical Events, Inventions, Music & Cinema, Science & Discoveries and General Interest. We were sent the inventions version.

timeline game review

How To Play?

Each player is dealt out a set amount of cards (upwards of four depending on how many players there are). They must keep their cards date side down. The player then has to decided where in the timeline they think their card should be placed. Once placed the card gets turned over revealing the date. If the player was correct the card stays in the timeline, if incorrect the card gets put back into the pack and the player must draw another a card from the pile.

How To Win?

The aim of the game is to be the first to get rid of all of your cards.

We took the game on our half term sailing holiday as it’s only small so a perfect game to play in limited space. It is recommended for ages 8+ although both my 7 and 5 year old enjoyed the game.


Timeline Game Review

Smart Egg

The Smart Eggs are a new puzzle, akin to the rubix cube in that they require logical thinking and careful consideration to complete.

smart egg game review

How To Play?

The puzzle involves getting the wand through a labyrinth on the side of the eggs, from the top to the bottom. It may sound easy but I really struggled with it. I managed it once and then couldn’t do it again! My son however, with his highly methodical brain, had it mastered within one attempt and can now do it every time without even thinking about it.

They are suitable for children 6 years and over, which I’d say is pretty accurate as my daughter who is 5 really struggled with it. So much so that it ended up being thrown from one end of the room to the other in pure frustration. Luckily the egg survived which is more than I can say for the little wand that goes with it which the puppy pounced on the minute it hit the floor and ate it in one go!

They come in a variety of difficulty levels, with some taking up to 3 hours to solve. I shall definitely be getting my son a harder level as he really enjoys playing with the two we have.

Smart Eggs

Win a Timeline Game & a Smart Egg

Today I’m giving away one of the Inventions version of the Timeline game and one Smart Egg (the level will depend on what’s in stock at the time). To enter please use the Rafflecopter box below and make sure to read my terms & conditions before entering. Only open to UK residents.

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  1. AnnMarie Crawford

    I’d love to win these games for my son they look wicked and something he can really get his teeth into thanks for the chance

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