Tips for Tiling your Bathroom on a Budget

Bathroom tiles

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If your bathroom is in need of some serious TLC, it doesn’t have to cost a lot. We have the top budget busting tips that will allow you to tile your bathroom for very little damage to your bank account.

Pick a classic design

Try and pick a style or design that will not become dated very quickly. Look back at past trends to find ones that have stood the test of time. A really wacky design might be on trend now, but is likely to need replacing after a few years, wasting both time and money. Think about it carefully, and pick a design that you like and will not get bored with. Monochrome, and classic greys look both classy, and are simply timeless.

Bathroom tiles

Install a feature wall or a border

If you have decided to opt for classic white tiles, but want to add a splash of colour into your bathroom, there are a couple of things that you can do. A feature wall is an excellent way to add variety into your home, without it costing too much, and without it becoming overbearing. If you have a small bathroom, opt for mosaic tiles, as this will make your bathroom appear larger. Adding a feature wall really adds a statement to the room, and although mosaic tiles can be more expensive than other tiles, if you are only tiling one wall, it is still possible to do it on a budget.

An alternative to a feature wall is to install a coloured border, as this can still add an element of colour into an otherwise plain wall. Again, using netted mosaic tiles not only makes installation easy, but it breaks the wall up, and adds texture, as you can use a different material to the rest of the bathroom. You can add a border without spending too much money, even if you choose a more expensive material.

Bathroom Tiles

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Pick your tile wisely

Tiling your bathroom on a budget requires a lot of planning. The material that you choose has to be able to withstand a lot of water exposure and some may require sealing prior to being used in the shower for example. Regardless of your budget, if you do not maintain a tile well, you will inevitably end up spending more money replacing your tiles sooner than you would normally have to. So, avoid unnecessary costs, by ensuring that you have taken all of the relevant precautions to make them water tight, and ensure that you know how to look after them.

Bathroom Tiles

Image Credit: atravellingmom

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