Top Locations for a Green Holiday in Europe

Top Locations for a Green Holiday in Europe

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Green holidays are not a new concept, however now more than ever before the ecotourism is booming as the world population is becoming more and more aware of their own environmental impact.

Top Locations for a Green Holiday in EuropeHowever, when travelling abroad it might seem a lot more difficult to remain eco-friendly while having the holiday of a lifetime.

Air travel is clearly not going to be running on solar energy anytime soon, so I am afraid I don’t have any solutions for that, but when you get to your destination it is possible to have a great holiday without feeling too guilty about your carbon footprint during your trip.

Ditch the disposables and adopt the reusable bottles for anything you need to take on your journey and go somewhere where a bike is preferable to a taxi or car. This should not be too hard if you are looking to travel somewhere near the Mediterranean.

Here are some tips on the best locations for a green holiday in Italy.

Car free in Sicily

There are many green things to do in Sicily and there are even some car-free islands that you and your whole family can enjoy by foot or by bike. Alicudi, Panarea, Montecristo, and Monte Isola are all car free, where they enjoy the stunning and untainted wonders of nature, with the serenity of living without loud engines and busy city life.

What better way to take in the breath-taking views than on your bikes with the sun and fresh breeze from the sea on your face?

Rather than staying in a hotel where you are forced to eat out every night, by renting luxury villas in Sicily directly from the locals you can have more space as well as creating less waste. You can enjoy food made with only the freshest and delicious ingredients that you can control. And you can eat al fresco while the kids enjoy the private pool. This is a wonderful way to stay green and get the most of your trip.

Eco-Friendly Amsterdam

Amsterdam is widely regarded as a liberal and openly laid-back city. It is also a wonderful place to visit as it hosts a wide variety of museums and tourist attractions. This easily makes it a wonderful place to go on a much-needed vacation. Fortunately, it is also a green city to visit as it is rampant with electric cars, solar panels, and household wind turbines, greatly reducing its annual emissions count.


If you are travelling to Amsterdam it is easy to enjoy all of the healthy food the city has to offer without relying on fossil fuels to get you there. There are many cyclists and the city is very bike friendly with wide cycle lanes, which can provide you with some peace of mind if you plan to cycle with kids.

Public transport such as trams is also an easy and reliable way to make your way around the city, perhaps you could go to one of the many organic local restaurants. You are also able to take a pedal boat, as the city is the home to numerous canals (an attraction in itself).


While it is not a huge tourist attraction, Nantes in France has gained a following in recent years. This may be due to its charming beauty, but could also have a lot to do with the fact that it has put a lot of effort into its environmental programs over the past few years.

Bicycle hire in Nantes France

Indeed Nantes was ‘Green Capital of Europe’ in 2013, with many holiday homes and other places to stay utilising eco-friendly wood burners.

The city is full of gardens, which you can enjoy via bike or via its electric tramway. The city is overflowing with flowers from office buildings to motorways to pavements; every green-conscious traveller can enjoy Nantes.


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  1. Haven’t been to Nantes in a very long time but it is a much under-rated destination. Glad to see it is on your list. Having flown to Australia twice in the last year, however, my green credentials have taken a battering!

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