Top Tips for Creating a Scandinavian Minimalist Style Nursery

Scandinavian Minimalist style nursery

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There’s no doubt that the Scandi style for home decor is very popular at the moment. Think clean lines, geometric prints, woods mix with metal and lots of furs. Personally, I love this style and it’s the look we’ve gone for in our new home. It fits in nicely with our minimalistic lifestyle.

A popular room for the Scandinavian Minimalist style is in a nursery. It always looks so fresh, clean and calm, the perfect place for a little one to get some rest. Today, I thought I’d share some top tips for creating the perfect Scandi style nursery…

Top Tips to Create a Scandinavian Minimalist style Nursery 

Buy Neutral Nursery Furniture

Neutral coloured nursery furniture not only fits in with the Scandi style but if you ever want to change the decor in your child’s room it can be adapted to fit in with the new style. White furniture is particularly good for this.

To save money find furniture that ‘grows’ with your child. You can buy cots that convert into toddler beds or desks that could double up as a changing table.

Scandinavian Minimalist nursery

Invest in a Comfortable Nursery Chair 

Keeping a chair in the room is a good idea for all of those late night feedings you’ll be doing. Find something that is comfortable to sit in but also looks good in the room.

Add in Wood Elements 

If you really want to go down the Scandinavian route pick white or grey furniture with elements of wood in it. Include wooden frames on the walls with some of your favourite wall prints. Furniture that has beautiful form but is also functional is best.

Scandinavian style nursery

Add Greenery

Houseplants are a great way to add a pop of colour to a room. As an added bonus they also purify the air. Just make sure they are safe for children and placed out of reach from little fingers.

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Neutral Colours 

Greys, whites and blacks are perfect for your base colours in the Scandi style. Try white walls and then you can always add pops of colour with soft furnishings or wall ornaments.

Wall decals are a cheap and easy way to transform a blank wall space. There are hundreds online to choose from. To stay in keeping with the *Scandinavian style opt for geometric patterns or simple black dots.

Scandi style nursery

Keep It Clutter-Free

It’s well documented that clutter causes stress and nurseries & children’s rooms are a magnet for clutter. Try to only keep what you really need and donate the rest. Rooms with less stuff are also much quicker to clean giving you more time to spend with your new baby.

Add Shelving 

Shelving is perfect for a nursery as you can add in some little nick nacks which will stay away from little fingers. Group your shelves in odd numbers so either 1, 3 or 5 together. White shelves look great against a white wall with colourful items on them.

You can also place wall prints in frames on the shelving rather than on the wall.

Keep it Cosy

To make the room feel warm and cosy add lots of different textures. Furs are particularly popular for the Scandinavian style, why not add a few fur rugs or pillows?

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Incorporate the following elements and you’ll be well on your way to creating a gorgeous Scandi style nursery…

  • Invest in good quality, multi-functional nursery furniture
  • Buy a comfy nursery chair
  • Incorporate wood elements in the room
  • Include houseplants for cleaner air and pops of colour
  • Keep it neutral
  • Avoid clutter
  • Put up some shelves
  • Make it cosy with different textures

So what about you? Are you a fan of the Scandinavian minimalist style nursery? 

Gina Caro

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