Water Pressure Problems Causing Wastage and Costing you Money

Water Pressure Problems that could be costing you money

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Being a thrifty family we are constantly looking at new ways to reduce our outgoings and save money. Some things are obvious such as being savvy on our food shop and not always going for top brands. While other things aren’t so obvious like water pressure problems causing wastage and increasing our water bill.

Water Pressure Problems

To find out how high your water pressure is you can take this simple test found on the water pressure problems website. It’s really easy to do and only takes a minute.

I took the test and it informed me that we have low water pressure and that we might benefit from a Homeboost Pump system.

save water

save water

The site also has lots of handy tips on how to sort out your water pressure problems. You can take the test here.

There are lots of ways that you can reduce your water bills including looking on your local councils website to see what free water saving gadgets they are giving away. Our local council is currently giving away tap inserts, low flow showers heads and toilet cistern water savers.

Save Water, Save Money

All of these gadgets can help to reduce your water bill each month and they are free! You can find out what is available in your area on the save water, save money website.

You can also install water butts in the garden to save water in the Summer when you water the plants. Again you local council may sell them so worth having a look or alternatively see if you can find a second hand one on somewhere like Freecycle.

How Much Water is Used in the Home

down the plug hole-final

Water Pressure Problems Causing Wastage and Costing you Money


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  1. All domestic water in France is metered so I think people are used to not wasting it. You don’t see sprinklers everywhere come the summer. We collect water in butts and are lucky to have a well which we use for the animals and watering the vegetable garden. That all helps keep our water bill down.

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