Week Four of No Poo

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I have become obsessed with hair! I find myself staring at other people’s heads, thinking ‘ooo their hair is so soft and shiny and looks so clean’. When I’m washing the kids hair in the bath I have to restrain myself from dunking my head in a swishing it around in the lovely sweet smelling strawberry stuff.

No Poo

I’m now in week four of my ‘no poo‘ adventure and I’m starting to think that I should just be like ‘normal’ people and wash it with shampoo.
I’m really not liking the once a week wash with just water, it just goes what I can only describe as waxy, here have a look…

I can’t wear it down after a water wash, it just looks hideous!

I last washed my hair on Friday (6 days ago) with an egg and lemon wash. After this wash my hair did feel quite nice and clean but still not the same result as if I had used shampoo.
I think my main problem is that it’s gone so dark, it’s neither blonde nor brown at the moment, just a kinda of greyish/brown colour! I thought that the cassia obovata that I used a few weeks ago would help to lighten it a bit but it just seemed to make it a darker but richer colour.
 Anyway this is what my hair is looking like today …
Saying all that though I am starting to notice a difference this week. As I said I last washed it 6 days ago and it’s only just starting to go greasy today. So that’s a major improvement. I’ve also been able to wear my hair down all week, which I haven’t done since starting my ‘no poo’ experiment. So maybe it’s not all bad.
I have also noticed that my dandruff has pretty much gone now, which is awesome.
The next step that I plan to take is to try washing with bicarbonate of soda and condition with cyder vinegar. I’m want to try this just to see if it gives a better result than the egg and lemon wash.
I’m slightly concerned about using the bicarbonate of soda in case it dries out my scalp but we’ll see I suppose. I’ll let you know how that works out.

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8 thoughts on “Week Four of No Poo”

  1. i wash my hair every other day, as it does get quite greasy..its good your hair has only started to go greasy after 6 days..i would love to be able to wash my hair just once a week…i will look forward to reading your next post on this xx

    1. Thanks for your comment. I use to wash my hair about every 3 days before I started this, so it must be making a difference, even if sometimes it doesn’t feel like it x

  2. Just to help you with the no shampoo adventure, I have a alternative that we use in Kerala(a state in the south of India). Hibiscus plant . We make a shampoo out of it. Pluck some hibiscus leaves, like a handful and put it in one cup water. Shred or grind it or just squeeze it with your hands. Then strain the thick juice which is a little slimy and use it to wash your hair. You wouldnt need to use anything else. You can refrigerate this upto one week.

    1. Wow that sounds really interesting, thanks for your comment. I’ll have to give this a go. Now I just have to find a Hibiscus plant x

  3. You are really brave to try this! I have the fine limp hair that gets greasy really quickly, when living in the UK I used to wash every day, not it is every 3rd day. Does your head itch? I too will follow with interest!

    1. It hasn’t been itchy up until this week and I’m not quite sure why, I’m thinking it could of been the bicarbonate of soda or I used to much lemon in the last wash. x

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