We’re home from our Sailing Adventure

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We’re home from our sailing adventure and we had a great time. The weather couldn’t of been better and the kids coped really well on the boat. So what have I missed in the world of blogging?

I’m having a bit of writers block tonight, perhaps it’s a week away from technology that has done it, which surprisingly I found I coped with a lot better than I thought I would. It was actually quite nice to wake up in the morning without checking emails, sending texts or checking out the gossip on Facebook.

So anyway, I’m now going to do the obligatory boring you with holiday snaps bit…

I just can’t believe how lucky we were with the weather, we definitely chose the right week to go.

Teaching my little man how to do knots, he was so pleased with himself when he mastered it.

All this sailing is hard work mummy!

Lowenna spent the entire time pointing out the window saying “Look big, big, big boat” to EVERY boat that went past. That’s a lot of boats in a week!

Near to where our new mooring is. We were sat here, looking out over this, with a glass of vino just after the kids had gone to bed. Lovely.

Who needs to go abroad?


Henry loved being in the sea and Lowenna kept a safe distance away. I did try and dip her in which resulted in her scrunching up her toes and screaming at me very loudly! It took the rest of the day for her to forgive me. She’s scary when she’s mad, I think it’s the Celt in her.


 It may have been a holiday but there were still chores that needed doing.

So there you have it, our holiday in a nut shell. I’d say it was a very successful trip, back to reality now. 


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4 thoughts on “We’re home from our Sailing Adventure”

  1. dragonfly crafter

    oops, just commented on the wrong post, doh! it sounds like you had an amazing time and some fantastic weather, family time is just the best isn’t it! no technology, no distractions just together time :o)

  2. Hey Gina, What a great experience for you all and how luck with the weather! We were away for 2 weeks, tough one starting back on blogging again….I really missed it whilst away. A little while ago, I sent up a summer holidays ‘linky’ – link up if you fancy it

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