Winter Travel Packing & Health Tips

Winter travel tips

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When I was younger with minimal responsibilities I would book a last-minute deal, chuck some clothes in a suitcase and be gone. I never bought holiday insurance as I felt invincible and didn’t want to waste the money.

I did just that when I was pregnant with my first child. My sister and I decided to book a last minute holiday and like every other time before I didn’t buy health insurance. Looking back now I can’t believe I did that but at that time I really didn’t see it as a problem.

Holiday Whilst on holiday I had a bit of a scare with unusual stomach pains. It really frightened me as I was in a foreign country and as it was my first pregnancy I had no idea if the pain was normal or not.

I felt very vulnerable and stupid. As it turns out nothing was wrong and it was probably just all of the different food I was eating. Since then I have never gone away without holiday insurance.

The stupid thing is that travel insurance doesn’t even cost that much! Lesson learnt there.

Winter travel packing and health tips My favourite type of holiday by far is one in the Winter months. It’s the time of year that can be the most depressing with the short days and often bad weather. Especially in the months after Christmas where there has been lots of fun and excitement with the lead up to the big day.

Going somewhere new is a great way to lift the spirits. However, winter holidays can bring some extra challenges.

There are certain measures that you can take before you go away on a Winter holiday to ensure you are prepared for most situations. Here are my top tips for winter travel packing and staying healthy whilst away…

Winter Travel Packing & Health Tips 

Pack a holiday health kit

I know this one may seem a little extreme but packing a basic health kit can make a world of difference. Now I’m not suggesting taking a small pharmacy with you just basic items like plasters, Calpol (if you have little ones) and a few painkillers can help.

Pack for the Weather

Now this one may seem obvious but having the right clothing can make a huge difference to your holiday experience. If you have the right gear you will stay warm and ultimately be more comfortable during your holiday.

Layer your clothing is one tip that I have lived by when going on a winter holiday. It’s far better to have several thin layers than two thick ones. The heat gets trapped between the thin layers which makes you warmer.

We recently had a Winter holiday in Budapest. I knew it was going to be cold and we planned to do a lot of walking so I packed thermal socks, thermal trousers, my walking boots, hats, scarf, gloves and plasters. I needed all of those things!

Budapest on the Buda side of the river

Wear Good Quality Sunglasses

Wearing good quality sunglasses protects your eyes from snow blindness. Yes, that is a thing!

Put on Suntan Lotion 

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you can’t get burnt. If the sun is shinning put on some suntan lotion just to be sure. Especially, if there is snow where you are. The rays reflect off the snow.

Check the Weather Forecast 

Before you venture out every day check the weather forecast. It takes seconds to do and enables you to wear suitable clothing for that day.

Buy Travel Insurance

I know I’ve said it already but it’s so important. It’s not that expensive and for your own peace of mind buy it! The last thing you want is a mammoth hospital bill because you weren’t prepared.

If after all of your pre-planning you still get sick on holiday you may need to claim on your insurance. Your Legal Friend has provided me with what you need to know about claiming for holiday sickness.

Ski holiday

What You Need To Know About Holiday Sickness Claims

When you need to make a claim for illness whilst on holiday it’s covered by ‘The Package Travel, Package Holiday and Package Tours Regulations Act’.

To make a claim the person should have had the following…

  • Had an illness that lasted at least 5 days
  • Had an illness that started at least 48 hours after arrival
  • Had an illness that started within 72 hours of returning home
  • Booked their holiday package through a UK tour operator
  • Evidence a complaint was made to the tour operator or hotel while on holiday
  • Evidence of any medical advice or treatments you purchased while away


So what about you? Have you ever gotten ill whilst on holiday? Do you always buy travel insurance?


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