You Know You’re a Blogger if…

You Know You're a Blogger if...

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Blogging is a funny old business, it starts off as quite innocent, you set up a site and start writing some bits down. You then start to really get into it and start writing more and more. You then get ridiculously excited when you first realise that people are actually reading what you are writing. You become obsessed with your stats and check them every 5 minutes to see who’s read what.

You join blogging groups, make new friends and then subsequently your blog starts to grow. Suddenly businesses and pr’s take an interest in your blog and actually want to pay you for space on it. You start reviewing products that have no relevance to you or your life but you’re being given them for free, you can’t possibly turn away free stuff right?

You know you're a blogger if...

After a while of blogging things start to settle down, you find your niche and style of writing, You feel confident enough to say no to irrelevant content or opportunities. This is the time when you really start to shine.

There are certain trends that appear every year, that is life and will probably never change. The problem with belonging to a community that is essentially there to promote new ideas and trends is that you all end up with the same stuff. There are certain things that are particularly popular each year and if you ended up with any of them in your home then you know for sure that you are indeed a blogger.

You know you are a blogger if you had any of the following items in your home in 2016…

A Lightbox

There seems to be a at least one photo a day on social media that includes a lightbox in it

A Succulent (or ten)

These seem to be everywhere this year. You don’t actually have to have a real one, a print of one will do perhaps on a cushion or wall print?

Something Geometric 

Top marks to you if it’s something geometric with a succulent inside of it.

A Wall Print

Preferably one with a profound quote in monochrome

An Eames Style Chair 

Either the DSW or DSR kind will do. I must admit I feel for this one but I do love my new chairs!

Anything Copper

By anything copper I mean things like magazines racks, toothbrush holders, fancy little copper coloured stationery, you get the gist.

You Know you’re a Blogger if you did any of the Following in 2016…

  • Drove somewhere out of your way just to get a good photo
  • Took your camera with you wherever you went, because you just never know
  • Got stressed because you went out and forgot your ‘big’ camera
  • Are on first name terms with your postman (She’s called Wendy and has 2 children)
  • Cursed the natural light in your home
  • Have a big white board stashed somewhere in your house
  • Didn’t let anyone eat any food until you had taken at least a million pictures of it
  • Your non-blogging friends glaze over when you start talking shop
  • You buy something purely because it would look good in a photo
  • Every time you called a family member’s name they smiled and said ‘cheese’
  • Feel as if you’re life has become content
  • Actually considered remodeling your entire kitchen or bathroom to fit the popular ‘industrial style’ (complete with subway tiles)

Bloggers kitchen

You Know you’re a Blogger if you Read any of these Books in 2016…

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up 

The Girl on the Train 

If you feel that you haven’t quite reached full on blogger status because you don’t have all of the above in your home then simple click on the items to see where you can get them. Go on you know you want to!

You Know You're a Blogger if...


*Image Credit: Pineapples, Luke Chesser & Crew

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4 thoughts on “You Know You’re a Blogger if…”

  1. Haha! Was this post partly inspired by our meet up on Saturday night? It was so much fun talking to fellow bloggers and knowing you just ‘got it’.

    I love your chairs. I have similar ones from Habitat. Can tick that. I also have subway tiles with grey grout!

  2. In just 6 months I feel part of this new gang! I sat next to a blogger at River Cottage recently who was delighted she could take photos of her meal before eating it without anyone moaning about it!

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