Yurt Wedding Devon with Yurts for Life

yurt wedding devon with yurts for life

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Last week I was invited along to a ‘not a wedding’ yurt event taking place in a secret walled garden in Devon. Anyone that knows me will know that this sort of event is right up my street. I would live in a yurt if I could convince the other half that it was a good idea. So far he’s not convinced, not even a tiny bit but I’m hoping to wear him down eventually. 

Yurts for Life

Who are Yurts for Life?

Yurts for Life are a Devon based company who build and supply yurts for events. They have yurt that you can hire or buy depending on your needs. All of their yurts are built from locally sourced ash by their own skilled craftsman.

Yurts for Life in Devon

Yurts for Life Event 

The event was to show the guests how the yurts could be set up for events such as a wedding or party. They had 6 yurts set up in total, the largest of which was where the guests could sit and eat. They had a bedroom yurt complete with a large double bed and wood burner. A photo booth yurt with photo props. A bar yurt, a staff yurt and a yurt for hanging coats.


Yurt wedding

Big Yurt

The Yurts

The craftsmanship that goes into the yurts is simply fantastic, they are a very talented bunch of people. Apparently with 6 people building one yurt it takes around two weeks to complete.

yurt roof

photo booth yurt wedding


Yurt Bedroom

The bedroom yurt was really nice and cozy! It looked like the perfect place for a newly wed couple to spend their first night together as husband and wife. I’d be very happy if my bedroom looked like that.

Yurt bedroom interior

yurt bedroom decor

Posh Nosh Food

After exploring the various yurts, drinking bubbly and taking silly pictures we all sat down in the main yurt for lunch which was provided by Posh Nosh. The food was amazing and laid out really well! I would highly recommend them for any events that you have on in Devon.

Posh Nosh caterers in Devon

Posh Nosh Devon

Tomato bread by Posh Nosh Devon

There was way more food than I had anticipated and I went home feeling very fat & full.

homemade condiments posh nosh yurt wedding

posh nosh food devon

Posh Nosh wedding food Devon

Yurt Wedding Flowers

The flower decorations were created by a very talented lady called Caroline Hodges. She has her own studio on the south coast of Devon where she creates exquisite bouquets and bespoke arrangements for weddings and special events across the South West.

Caroline Hodges Flowers Devon

yurt wedding flowers

Flowers yurt wedding

In all it was a lovely event and laid out exactly how I’d like our wedding to be, if we ever do finally decided to get married that is.

Yurt Wedding Devon with Yurts for Life

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