126 Days, No Shampoo!

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It has been exactly 126 days since I last washed my hair with shampoo.

I started this experiment on a whim, I saw a blog post on the subject of ‘no poo’ and thought, that could be interesting, I’m gonna give that it a go and here I am 126 days later and I still haven’t washed my hair with shampoo!

It’s been quite difficult really as you have to find an alternative to shampoo that works best with you own hair type.

I started washing with an egg and lemon wash and it was working great. My hair was always lovely and soft afterwards and then about three weeks ago it all went wrong and I have no idea why? After I had used my egg and lemon wash my hair was heavy and almost waxy. It was very odd.
So I decided to start using bicarbonate of soda and apple cyder vinegar instead. That worked really well and I now use that instead.
The only problem with the cyder vinegar is that it smells, a lot! However once your hair is dry there is no smell at all, just don’t get it wet again unless you are in your own shower.
I took my kiddies swimming last week and forgot about the vinegar and got my hair wet, it was not good, I smelt like a mobile fish and chip van!
So aside from me going into major panic every time it rains and I have no umbrella, the new alternative to shampoo seems to be working well, for now!

Oh and I also finally caved and dyed my hair and yes it was with horrible toxin filled, really bad for you, bottled stuff. I searched for alternative dyes but there doesn’t seem to be much out there (if you know of one please let me know) and a lot of products claim to be ‘all natural’ when in fact they are not, it’s confusing!

Update: I have found a natural shampoo called Tints of Nature. Read my Switching to Natural Hair Dye post.

The plan was to wait until the sun came out and just put lemon on my hair to bleach it but the sun is still yet to make a proper appearance and I got fed up of waiting. I also thought that perhaps the cassia obovata that I have been using might of lightened it a bit. It didn’t!

So there you have it my ‘no poo’ experience so far.

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4 thoughts on “126 Days, No Shampoo!”

  1. I have no idea now of the ‘why’ (certainly not environmental or ecological reasons – most of us were oblivious to that kind of thing at the time) but I remember in my late teens experimenting with egg shampoos and vinegar for ‘shine’. Also sticking saucepans outside the front door when it rained so I could wash it in that. I think it might have been my girlfriend’s idea (?) Similar experiences to your own with eggs and vinegar, but no lasting damage done.

    Pre girlfriends I would wash my hair in whatever came to hand – soap (everything from coal tar through imperial leather to that blue and green marbled deodorant stuff they used to sell), washing-up liquid, Persil… I had tresses that shone like those of the Timotei girl when Timotei was but a twinkle in the eye of some unilever advertising exec’s eye…

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