4 Essentials for Improved Health & Wellbeing in the Home Office

Health & Wellbeing in the Home Office

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Working from home certainly has its benefits, however, in a commercial building you’re provided with all your office essentials; for a home office, you must do it yourself. Therefore, we have created a beginner list of office essentials you should consider installing in your home for better health & wellbeing in the home office…


Always best to start with the basics and a computer is a foundation for all office work. It’s crucial you invest in a decent one; you need to be able to research, install the tools and platforms your business will need, carry out all invoices and be able to save and store your work, as well as create it.

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Obviously, you will need office furniture to work upon; you’ll want a sizeable desk that you can place your computer on and still have room to do plenty of written work, an ergonomic office chair that you are comfortable to sit in for a large amount of time, and multiple desk accessories to ensure you work efficiently with all the correct tools, including a paper tray, pen tray or even a toolbar. Office Furniture Scene supply contemporary office furniture to make work simpler and provide long-lasting comfort.

It’s also important to remember to move regularly. Sitting still for long periods of time can have a serious impact on your health & wellbeing.

Home office decor


As you’re working from home, you’ll want décor that reflects a working environment with hints of your interests throughout, providing you with a balance between work and home, without any distractions.

The best layout for an office at home would be an enclosed space with a door, with this you’ll be able separate yourself from any distractions, such as unrelated conversation, friends/family or the television.

Due to being at home, you’re able to decorate the office how you like, by adding décor like house plants and photographs, and luxuries such as coffee machines, you can create an environment that you want to work in.

A Himalayan rock salt lamp makes an excellent addition to a home office. Not only do they give off a comforting glow but they also help to cleanse the air.

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4 Essentials for Improved Health & Wellbeing in the Home OfficeAll offices need stationary for accurate planning and thorough evaluation; pens, sticky notes, and highlighters are essential in any office. A valuable investment could be a paper flipchart, somewhere you can mind map all ideas, that is easy to report and present to any colleagues you may have.

Try not to clutter your workspace though. Only buy the essentials. Being surround by clutter an cause you stress and reduce your productivity.

Once you have installed the basics into your home office, you can build from there with different accessories or higher quality software to improve your work environment and tailor it to work efficiently for yourself and your business.

Do you work from home? How do you make your home office space work for you? 

Gina Caro

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  1. I think if you’re going to spend time working at home is a good idea to dedicate a separate space for your work and make it into somewhere you’d want to spend time working in. It’s also worth it to invest in some ergonomic furniture to avoid back pain, at least for me.

  2. Gina the Himalayan salt lamp looks like a great idea, it goes well with your decor too. I also think choosing the right home office furniture is essential for productivity, for mental steadiness and physical health.

  3. This is something that interested me a lot, and it is a very essential factor that needs to be taken into consideration by all business and MNCs.

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