5 Most Common Types of Clutter & How To Deal With It

Types of clutter

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When we think of types of clutter generally the first thing that comes to our mind is our possessions. Our phones, books, clothes and that draw that’s filled with items that we didn’t even know we still had.

In the past, people have always been told that more is better. Slowly, we are coming to realise that that isn’t the case. Having more means having more to lose, which means more anxiety about losing what we have, which leads to increased stress levels.

We were never designed to have clutter around us.

The official definition of clutter is…

‘cover or fill (something) with an untidy collection of things’

but clutter is so much more than that. It’s not just items you can see. Clutter is…

  • Decisions that haven’t be made
  • Toxic relationships
  • Bad habits
  • Energy Drainers
  • Fear
  • Grudges
  • It’s anything that stops you living the life you want to!

Free yourself from clutter

Here are 5 Different Types of Clutter 

Physical Clutter

Physical clutter is the most obvious form of clutter. It’s the items that you fill your home with. It’s the garages filled to the brim with everything but an actual car. It’s the storage units filled with things you just can’t part with and yet cannot even remember what’s in there.

How To Deal With Physical Clutter 

5 Most Common Types of Clutter and How to Deal with It

The only way to deal with physical clutter is to process it. Sort through your things, all of them, and make a decision on every single item you own.

Does it add value to your life? Have you used it in the last 6 months? Are you only holding onto it because it was a gift from someone and you don’t want to offend them?

There are loads of great tips and tricks out there for processing and dealing with physical clutter. Go and do some research and find a method that works for you and just go for it.

Personally, I used the *KonMari method and like the title of the book says it really was life-changing! I’d definitely recommend checking it out if you’ve been struggling with decluttering and need a new approach.

To help you I have created a FREE KonMari checklist which you can download and print off using the button below.

free konmari checklist

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Digital Clutter

Digital clutter is all of the files on your computer, the endless photos on your phone and the 10 million unread emails in your inbox. It’s anything that you store on a digital device.

How To Deal with Digital Clutter 

Put some time aside each week, I like to do it on a Sunday, and go through your files, photos and emails and bulk delete anything you no longer need. If you stay on top of it it becomes quite a fast and simple process and stops your files getting out of control.

Create separate files for all of your documents. This will save you a tonne of time and you’ll be able to find things much quicker.

Digital Clutter

Emotional Clutter 

Emotional clutter is something that we don’t tend to give much thought to but can have a massive impact on your life. It’s all those unprocessed thoughts and ideas in your head.

It’s the grudges we hold years after the event. It’s the negative thoughts that you repeat to yourself in your mind, even if you’re not really aware of them. It’s the lack of confidence in ourselves and our abilities.

How to Deal With Emotional Clutter 

The most effective way to deal with emotional clutter is to get your thoughts down on paper. You could try keeping a diary or bullet journals.

If you’ve been holding grudges ask yourself why you are still holding onto that emotion? You can’t change the situation now so don’t let it use up any of your energy. Could you confront the person and try and get some closure? If that’s not possible then just let it go.

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Mental Clutter 

Mental clutter is similar to emotional clutter in that it’s all in your head. It’s the never-ending to-do lists and the fears you hold onto.

How To Deal With Mental Clutter 

Again like emotional clutter the best way to deal with it is to write it down. Get it out of your head and onto paper.

Dedicate some time each week for self-care, even it’s just a 20-minute bath with the door locked or a brisk walk with the dog. Allow yourself time to process the thoughts in your mind without all of the normal daily distractions.

mental clutter

Creating rituals is another great way to deal with mental clutter. A ritual is something you do on purpose and with intent, unlike a habit which is something you do without conscious thought.  Try to live in the present. What needs your attention right now? Make a plan to do that one thing and write down the other jobs that can be tackled another time.

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Spiritual Clutter 

Spiritual clutter is more deep-rooted and can stem from past experiences which now shape your everyday life. Are you happy, really? It’s something that stops you from being the person you want to be. The beliefs you want to have and the path you want to follow.

Of all of the types of clutter, spiritual clutter has the potential to be the most destructive both physically and mentally. This is because it can go on unnoticed. It’s not until you stop and really analyse yourself and why you behave in certain ways that you start to notice the patterns.

How To Deal With Spiritual Clutter 

Spiritual clutter can be one of the hardest to manage. It often takes a longer plan to really get to the route of the problem. Counselling can have a huge impact on your life and is definitely something worth considering if you think you have spiritual clutter.

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What about you? What types of clutter affect your daily life? 

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