9 Things To Do With Unwanted Clothes

what to do with unwanted clothes

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Decluttering your home can often be a stressful process. First, you need to find a decluttering method that works for you. Next, you have to actually set some time aside to do the decluttering. Then once you have completed your decluttering you’ve got to find new homes for all of your unwanted items. 


Is it any wonder that people hold off on decluttering their homes.


If you’ve recently had a clear out of your wardrobe and need to re-home your old clothes then this is the post for you!


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9 Things To Do With Unwanted Clothes


Below are 9 ideas of what you can do with your unwanted clothes…


Donate Them To Charity 


By far the easiest option for getting rid of unwanted clothes is to donate them to a charity. Well, that is after you’ve driven around with them in the boot of your car for months. (Please, tell me it’s not just me that does that?)


9 Things To Do With Unwanted Clothes #minimalism #decluttering #homeorganization

There are hundreds of different charities out there to choose from. Just make sure that the clothes are still saleable.


Having been a manager for charity shops in the past I know for a fact that it takes a lot of time and effort to sort through all of the donations.


There was nothing more soul destroying than trying to sort through a bag or clothes that were only fit for the bin or rags.


If you do have any clothes that aren’t up to snuff put them into a separate bag and label them rags.



Most charities have a ‘rag man’ that will come and take them away. They pay a small amount of money to the charity for them.


Give Them To A Friend 


Before you get rid of your unwanted clothes why not see if any of your friends would like them first. If you have quite a large amount then why not invite them all round for the evening and let them have a good rummage through.


Always, make sure that your friend actually wants the clothes before you offload them on them. Don’t just pass the stress of finding a new home for them onto someone else.


Host A Clothes Swap Night 


If you’re friends also have clothes that they no longer want why not host a clothes swap evening. Everyone brings along their unwanted items and you exchange your clothes with your friends.


If you and your friends have a lot of clothing to swap you may need to find a larger venue to host.  TIP: Pubs often have a backroom that they are willing to let you borrow for free if you pay for drinks at the bar.


Host a clothes swap event


Offering Them To Other Local People 


If you just want to get rid of the clothes and you’re short on time then you can offer them to local people in your area for free. As long as they come and pick up the clothes from your home.


Some of the best websites for offering free items to others are Freecycle, Gumtree & *eBay.


Find a Clothes Bank in Your Area 


Clothes banks are those big containers that you often see in supermarket car parks. You can put any clean unwanted clothes and shoes in them and they then go on to a charity or go off to be recycled.


Use sites such as Recycle More or Recycle Now to find clothes banks in your area.



Request a Pick Up From your Home 


Short on time? There are lots of companies out there that will pick up your clothes from your home.  The charity British Heart Foundation offers this service. They won’t give you any money for the clothes but they will be going to a good cause.


Alternatively, if you do want to make a bit of extra money from your old clothes then there are other companies such as Genie Recycling that offer this service.


Do A Car Boot Sale


This one takes a little bit more effort as you will have to find a car boot sale near you, pack up all of your clothes and then spend the day selling them. However, clothes sell really well in car boot sales so it’s worth the effort.


You may not get a lot per item but you’ll probably be able to get rid of most of your stuff. Baby and children’s clothes sell especially well at car boots.


sell your unwanted clothes at a car boot sale


Try to organise your clothes into some sort of order so it’s easy for potential customers to see what you’ve got. Clothes rails work very well.


Sell them on Preloved 


If you haven’t got time to take them to a charity shop and none of your friends would like them, why not sell them to other people in your area?


You can use a site such as *Preloved: Buy & Sell Second Hand. ‘Turn your clutter into cash by placing free ads on Preloved. It’s the fast free and fun way to sell stuff with no listing fees, no selling fees and no catches!’



PRO TIP: If you want to upgrade your membership use the code FULL15 to get *3 months of Full Membership for free! Code expires 01/01/2020. 


Sell Them On eBay 


eBay is another *great place for selling clothes. If you have a load of clothes that are all the same size try selling them as a bundle. Clothes bundles sell really well on eBay.


Just remember to set the listing as ‘Pick Up Only’. You don’t want to have to go through the hassle of posting a lot of clothes.



Do you know of any other things to do with unwanted clothes? If so I’d love to hear them. Leave your tips in the comments section below. 


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3 thoughts on “9 Things To Do With Unwanted Clothes”

  1. I love these tips! Another great tip is to bring your clothes to H&M. They take any type of clothes in any condition for recycling. So they are a great option for stained or broken items 🙂

  2. Yes, you can also donate your clothes at one of the recycle boxes in Zara across the UK – they’re usually right by the till!

    The other thing is that you can order collections at goodwill and the British heart foundation – you literally select time & date and they come and pick your stuff up 🙂

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