A Life Less Ordinary – Original Ideas for a Romantic Break from the Norm

A Life Less Ordinary – Original Ideas for a Romantic Break from the Norm

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Are you looking to spend some much needed ‘us’ time away with your loved one, but are tired of the clichés? No Paris city of love, no sitting in a gondola in Venice, no slow walks in Prague – you want something different. Here are a few suggestions for that special bonding time together that every couple needs once in awhile.

A Life Less Ordinary – Original Ideas for a Romantic Break from the Norm

Soaking up the Vineyards

What can be more special than getting out a couple of glasses and cracking open a nice bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon on a cruise around the Bordeaux region. Of course, you won’t be sipping just on the Cabernet Sauvignon. You’ll be able to try wines like the sweet Sauternes, set out on the Médoc wine route and travel along the ‘chateau road’. It’s not all wine and inspiring vineyards and sailing down the river, as you’ll be able to see the 17th century Blaye Fortress, which is also a UNESCO Heritage Site.

Le Jour ni l'Heure 4470 : château de Corcelles, XVe s., Corcelles-en-Beaujolais, Rhône, région Rhône-Alpes, samedi 4 juin 2011, 19:34:58

A Secret Spa Getaway

This is your big chance to do something really special for your partner. Book a surprise trip to a spa and a nearby hotel for a Friday (or whenever happens to be your partner’s final day of their working week). Pack their bag beforehand and then, luggage in the boot, simply pick them up from work. That’s the time to finally let them in on the plan and head straight there. Massages, jacuzzis, steam room and other soothing facilities … you’ll both leave feeling rejuvenated and even a little more in love than before.

Taunton Spa


Be each other’s hero and brave the outdoors together. You can do this in extra comfort if you choose glamping instead of traditional camping. On a glamping adventure, you’ll be able to soak up the beauty of the great outdoors and do activities such as hiking, boating, swimming or fishing, just as you would when camping. However, you’ll then be able to retire to some cosy accommodation, like a yurt or a specially decked out hut, so that you can cuddle up to each other in total comfort. Whether you do that or spend the evening in front of a fire or gazing at a lake is up to you. You can have the best of both worlds!

Yurt bedroom interior

Appreciating your own Town or City

Sometimes we’re so caught up in the dramas of our everyday life or so immersed in the thick of a hectic work-and-manage-the-household routine, we don’t stop and take the time to appreciate the town or city where we live. How many attractions do you have on your doorstep that have visitors flocking to them, but you’ve never bothered to see them? So, take a few days off from work, but avoid your usual haunts and try some different things, such as new restaurants, different coffeehouses or music bars.

The library in Newton Abbot

These are all romantic ideas and a break from the norm to share some bliss together as a couple. Try them out and inject even more of that loving feeling into your relationship.


*Image Credits: Holding Hands by Wyatt Fisher  & Château de Corcelles by Renaud Camus*

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1 thought on “A Life Less Ordinary – Original Ideas for a Romantic Break from the Norm”

  1. aw, this is so sweet. I’d love to do any one of your ideas but we’re actually going to the Warner Brothers Studio’s for our anniversary! (it is a tale of deep love though as the husband isn’t a fan)
    I think the spa weekend would be great anyway though and should be encouraged more….off to leave hints now!

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