A New Parenting Chapter Begins

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It doesn’t matter how much prior reading, researching or observing you do before you become a parent you still will never be fully prepared for how much your life will change. There are a few people out there that swear blind that it won’t change and that you can still live the life that you had but I just don’t see how that is possible.

With each new stage comes a new set of obstacles that need to be overcome, whether it be a stationary little one that suddenly becomes mobile or a screaming ‘devil possessed’ two-year-old that’s on the floor in the middle of Tesco’s. Every milestone brings with it a new set of joys as well as a new set of problems.

Baby Boy Crawling

New Parenting Chapter

OurΒ latest big milestone or parenting chapter in our household was Henry’s first day of school…

first day school

He was so excited about going and he’s been more than ready to go to school for months now. I can’t wait to go and pick him up now so he can tell me all about his big day. Even though the conversation will go something like this…

Me: So what did you do at your new school today?

H: I had snack

Me: Oh that’s nice, what else did you do?

H: I had lunch

Me: That’s nice too, did you do anything that doesn’t involve food?

H: *Stares blankly* Can I watch TV?


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24 thoughts on “A New Parenting Chapter Begins”

  1. I hope he had a lovely day. Great idea to hold up the card at the door. Mine is exactly the same about food. He’s just told me had lasagne for lunch…and I know for a fact it was cottage pie!

    1. He had a great day thanks. haha that’s funny about his lunch. H told me he had pizza which I’m not to impressed with, I thought school meals were suppose to be healthy!!!

  2. If it makes you feel any better my little girl started school last week and that has been the extent of our conversations too! I’m sure H had a fab time – you would have soon been told if he hadn’t! Good luck for the coming months πŸ™‚ #MagicMoments

  3. My two still talk about the food they’ve had at school more then what they have actually learnt…They’re 6 & 11….lol.
    Lovely photos x

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