A Thrifty Way to Transform any Room in your Home – Wall Stickers

A Thrifty Way to Transform any Room in your Home

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Decorating your home can get expensive, there are so many different elements to it that it’s easy for the cost to start adding up. Since we bought our brand new home over 2 years ago I’ve been (slowly) making it our home by putting our own stamp on it.

As with anything I do in life I have been as thrifty as possible with our home decorating. I always look for the best prices on anything we buy and I’m constantly researching new ways that we can save a bit of money.

I once redecorated my daughter’s entire room for under £50, including getting her a new bed!

By far one of my favourite ways to transform a room with very little cash outlay is by using wall stickers. There are literally hundreds of different types these days ranging from cute kids ones to kitchen quotes.

Personally I have them in our kitchen, our downstairs toilet and in both of the kiddies bedrooms. The other half thinks I’m a little bit obsessed with them but I just love how easy they are to put up and how quickly it makes a huge impact on a room with minimal effort.

anchor wall sticker

Love laugh live wall sticker

colourful girls bedroom

They are also easy to take off again if further down the line you want a new look in your room.

In the New Year we are converting the back of our garage to make a home office. The other half and I both work from home and currently use the kitchen table to work, which as you can probably imagine is not ideal!  We’ve both come to the conclusion that we’d be more productive if we had a dedicated office space so we’ve decided to take the plunge and create one.

I’m so excited! Sad I know but it’s going to make a huge difference to our daily lives. Anyway I digress the reason I was mentioning the our new home office is because I have already been researching design ideas for the room.

Wall Stickers

I came across this Blackboard Wall Sticker on Amazon and thought it would be perfect for our new office. I think it would look great on one of our walls. Perhaps above my desk? We are going for a industrial theme and I feel this would fit in really well whilst also helping me to stay on top of tasks.

As well as office style wall stickers they are lots of of other themes and designs out there including kids stickers, text stickers, laptop stickers and customisable stickers.

There is also a big variety of sizes ranging from small stickers to ones that would cover an entire wall! We are planning on knocking down the wall between our kiddies bedrooms to make them more of an equal size. Our daughter’s room is currently twice the size of our sons!

Once we’ve completed this I plan to redecorate both of their bedrooms.

Kids Lego Bedroom

Henry wants a lego/superhero theme. I’ve got my eye on this Lego wall sticker for his back wall.

If you are looking for a thrifty way to transform one of your rooms then I’d definitely consider using wall stickers.

A Thrifty Way to Transform any Room in your Home



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