Thrifty Home Decorating – Girls Bedroom

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If you are already familiar with my blog then you will know that I hate spending money (on anything) and I’m always looking for ways to save some pennies. So when it came the time to redecorate our daughter’s bedroom I was determined to do it on the cheap but still make it pretty.

So here’s the before…

lj bedroom 2

 and here’s the after…

lj bedroom1

In total it cost me under £50 to do the whole room including buying the bed and mattress! The bed I bid for on Ebay and won it for £15! It also came with the mattress and the special fitted sheets to match. It’s an extendable bed and starts off as a toddler bed and ends up as a full length single bed. So it should last her a long time. Bargain!

lj bedroom 3

I bought the duvet cover and pillowcase from Asda and it cost only £8. The rug I bought from my most favourite shop in the whole world… The Merchant Chandler, and it cost me £4.99.

For the walls I just gave them a fresh coat of magnolia paint which we had leftover in the shed and then I bought the Twinkle Twinkle quote, again, on Ebay and it cost me £10.

thrifty home decorating

For the end wall we bought two shelves from B&Q from their value range and they cost £3.95 each. I then stained them with some wood varnish that I found in the cupboard. All of the bits and bobs (or clutter crap as the other half would call them) on the shelves we already had.  The 3D stickers I found in the pound shop.

colorful girls bedroom

The light shade was also from Merchant Chandler and cost about 2 0r 3 pounds (I forget exactly how much)

lj bedroom

For the finishing touches I made a few bits like this colourful mobile, made from beads that I had left over from past projects.

thrifty home decorating

So there you have it, a thrifty makeover for a girls bedroom. If you have done any thrifty home decorating yourself I would love to hear about it.

thrifty home decorating girls bedroom

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16 thoughts on “Thrifty Home Decorating – Girls Bedroom”

    1. Thanks Suzanne, she does really love it. I just have to stop her from picking off the wall stickers now. She’s a monkey!

  1. I love this, especially the lampshade with the vibrant orange colour! You have inspired me and I’m going to check out the Merchant Chandler. Helen

    1. The Merchant Chandler is a great shop, they’ve got some great bargains. The actual shops are even better than the online store, loads more stuff in them. Thanks for your comment x

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