Aims for 2014

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It’s that time of year again! The time when we look back on the year that has gone by and reflect on what we could have done better, what we wanted to achieve and didn’t and what we are going to do differently in the coming year.

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This year I am going to keep it simple with 3 main aims, ones that I might actually achieve and continue to do past January.

My Aims For 2014…

Teach my kids to swim!

I am determined to get them swimming this year, especially because we have a boat and spend most of our holidays on it. I think I will feel a lot more relaxed aboard if I know that they can at the very least tread water.

new year resolutions

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Earn money working from home!

Now that my youngest will get her 15hrs of free childcare I am determined to be earning at least a part-time wage from working at home both on this blog and with my editing for Mumsnet Devon.

To find out how to start your own blog and earn money from home check out my How To Start a Blog post.

new year resolutions

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Save for New York!

My friends and I are planning to go to New York in 2015 so I have time to save. So excited, I literally cannot wait.

new year resolutions

So there you have it my aims for 2014, do you think they are doable?

Read my aims for 2013 that I didn’t achieve and if you would like to see more funny New Year images then check out my New Year Pinterest board.

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27 thoughts on “Aims for 2014”

  1. HA HA Totally fantastic, this is exactly how I feel, thought I was the only one, BUT THIS YEAR….. yes this year I WILL keep my resolutions to be the most organised mummy in the world, after you of course, lol xxxx

    1. That sounds like a good idea although we are going in two years so I have to save a minimum of £80 each month apparently!! Arrgh that’s scary :-/

    1. I can’t wait until they can swim, I have constant nightmares about them going overboard! It’s horrible 🙁 New York should be amazing, I can’t wait 🙂

  2. Great resolutions. I have to confess I gave up on trying to teach my kids to swim (something to do with them never listening to a word I say.) But they enjoy swimming class now! My resolution is to do more craft things with them.

    1. I tried to teach them last year but it kind of fizzled out, my task this year is to fit it in around school! That’s a nice resolution to have 🙂

    1. I think if I set doable ones then I might actually achieve them. I have to do the New York one otherwise I won’t be going 🙁

  3. Lovely post and wonderful aims for the year Gina – swimming is a really good one. We should probably do that too! New York is amazing, only been once on a work trip but I loved it. Hope you had a lovely Christmas. Happy New Year x

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